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    my thread, my rules, my journey

    I will take another swag in starting a diary, and really posting in it. In case you have something friendly/constructive to add please don't hesitate to add them.

    A concise summary of how I am trading

    I am in this to make lots of money and what I do is geared toward that
    30 minute charts
    rsi set to 8 and the 10 sma
    two trading accounts both set to use 3.5% risk per trade - I really don't want to hear all the bs about cash management. Using the two accounts I shut the initial trade in the very first account at the very first indiion of struggle and the other trade I let it run.
    A couple of chart patterns, you may see these in any charts I article.

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    Yes Endroute !
    You actually inspired me much in your articles!
    Notably from the electronic thread!
    I wish you all the very best with your own trading. . I´m sure you ´ll handle every market condition.
    Green pips to you . .subscribed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes Endroute ! I was inspired by you ! Notably in the thread! I wish you all the very best with your trading. . I´m sure you ´ll handle every market condition. Green pips to you . .subscribed Guido
    Guido, thank you for your kind works. My way of tackling market conditions which don't fit my trading style is to keep outside

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    shorted UJ at 9:30 ET, got stopped out for 5.5. Should have waited given the indecision from the candle that was prior.

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    So yesterday did not go as expected I had a few very dumb trades and after having such a long stretch not needing difficulties taking dumb poorly thought out trades I made in a row, needless to say I got very down on myself. I think my shitty trading yesterday has been more a result of all of the things I have going on. I'm having a lot of work done to the house that is not going nicely , beginning a new company, trading, etc etc.. I cured my problems last night with some good ole begian abby ale and feel like a new man now lets see how it goes.

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    really interesting to understand your egy and your gifts are always applicable...
    Lots of pips to youpersonally.


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    Please do post charts for Transactions when Potential

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    Was thinking about shorting au about an hour ago but determined the setup was probably not going yield much greater than 10 pips before the ppi news do out at 8:30.

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