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Thread: Times Two Challenge

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    Times Two Challenge

    I'll not be TEACHING any new egy herecliqforexis already littered with great Idea's, NOR will I be SELLING anything .

    That is my diary designed to document all of my transactions my trading system, behavior, patterns overall trading style. The Aim in the title of the page still remains valid, such as me.

    The markets have humbled me as it's all of us at one point in time, as usual I choose to begin small the premise being if I can't make profit with a small sum I can't handle a larger account size. I would like posters maintain their advice into themselves [unless it's very constructive].

    I'm through studying the craft of trading, browse through countless trading egies, methods and books, there is nothing more to learn from others, all that's left is to develop my own way, again, the way I choose to trade here's MY WAY. If you think its absurd, it'll fail, it makes no sense, you're right, but it's still mine.

    A fellow oncliqforexcalled CrucialPoint, said something on one of his threads, he explained The Majors daily range typical from 100 to 250 points... Give me one good reason WHY you are unable to take 10 points from it regular? Simply put if you can't do so, You Do not understand how to trade. This has stuck with me.

    THE PLAN: Attached is the guide I'll use in calculating lot-size and profit goal, it is not set in stone, generally my goal is 50pips/week if I cannot do so I don't yet understand how to trade, the egy is quite large risk, to simplify it, a deviation from my price by 100 points stinks the account.

    THE SYSTEM: The system relies on the Sonic.R/PVSRA thread rules. But I use my discretion, see attached screenshot. Indiors I use is displayed in the attached image. Time framework M15. Line chart is preferred its easier to see price movement for me. There are 96, M15 candles in a day therefore I picked the 96EMA.

    Best Buy Setup:
    - Price cross above 96ema trend band (best after A,B,C,D pattern)
    - PBF_OSOB (I modified it to signify 96 as periods for a day) is above 0 (angling up).
    - GMMA Long band is wide. [added]
    - Price around whole number.
    - No news/after news.

    - GMMA Long, helps me specify consolidation (if band is tight -range-) [added]
    - Colored candles show area's of high action.
    - Stop reduction I put arbitrarily (like to nurse the transaction until it goes a decent . Of pips prior to locking the transaction using an S.L),
    - Take Profit will vary. The rest is self explanatory.

    P.S: Don't ask me for the indiors/templates, look at the screen shot and google it, you'll find it.
    -UPDATE: Removed, MADash, substituted with GMMA Long.
    Removed, PBF_OSOB, it gets out of sync using price to often.

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    Missed the GBPJPY sell train, sleeping, times like this I wish I could complete an EA.


    Reasons for trade
    - Rejection below entire number
    - Below 96EMA
    - PBF not but near Zero [it gets out of sync, I am thinking about different options ]

    Reasons to not exchange
    - Not much, [EUR, USD impact news] but that is past noW

    TP: Establish, no S.L set

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    Majority of individuals on forum are constantly trying to do so much with so less. Meaning, they looking to double $100 and expect it to become $100,000 . Can you double your account in 1 month or few months in a row? Yes, it's very possible. Can you really do it EVERY SINGLE MONTH? Lets be serious and stop fooling ourselves. Yes, you can say that you simply double a $10 account, but again that's not a true account. Blowing $10, $100, or even $1000 isn't anything, any body can live with that.

    Start really trading with some actual money, I'm considering 25,000 , and then you are going to start to see the value of capital preservation. Taking enormous risk in a true account is the best way to wind up broke. Tell me how you will feel blowing a true account in less than a month? It'll leave you devastated, you may think twice. This is a company, not a casino. You truly must work hard to get this to work and not many live in this business. This is the unpleasant reality, I'm just stating the facts.

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    Thanks a lot ViperLead-01, I look forward to impressing you.

    OMGtrader you're so right, no trader with expertise can assert differently. It's'impossible' to strike such a goal each and every month, and as matter of fact even 10pip targets are not always achievable, it isn't arithmetic, hell I might even blow this $10 initially, but it is the goal I have set and you know what... I am stubborn like that.

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    Attached is my opening equilibrium, Broker gave me a 30% bonus.

    I forgot to say that the 96,5,8 stoch which I use as a discretionary tool.

    Also I won't be using the Trade Explorer as I would love to keep a few things private.

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    $10 account, come on sinqua it might also be a demo account!!

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    Ok I admit its embarrassing, I would do something about it soon.

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    put your money where your mouth is. Let us see an account of at least $25K

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    WOAH 25K!! Thats so from my league, how about just a little patience we could both afford that, not to worry you are able to evaporate, I'd buzz you when the cash is heavy.

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    Entered my 1st Trade some time before, market from the Arrow signal, fingers crossed. The stop-loss is just a Fail.Safe, I would rather manually handle the transactions

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