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Thread: My GBPJPY Trading Journal - Trading from level to level

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    My GBPJPY Trading Journal - Trading from level to level

    Started this trading journal to keep an eye on my previous transactions, to keep me subject and enhance on my trading.

    I welcome all feedback, we could learn together. And please keep this thread clean. Thank you.

    P.S. Don't request indiors/EA from me since there are similar indiors/EA out there that can be found easily.

    Happy trading!

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    Hope it goes well.
    I suppose your familiar with that?
    if not its a good read after all the years. One of the first threads I read here several years back when I began investing before I became a member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hope it goes well. I suppose your familiar with that? Https:// if not its a fantastic read even after all these years. One of the first threads I read on here several years back when I began trading before I became a part.
    Due Spoon138, appreciate the golden thread you've shared. I've been a huge fan of Greg because I started trading and have been trading his own egy since, I believed you can view some similarity in my egy. But, I lacked his expertise and confidence to maintain the winning commerce longer and closing the losing trade quickly. I also noticed the GBPJPY is no longer as explosive as compared to his prime times, hence rendering it more challenging to achieve the desire result. That is the reason why I came up with a egy to cancel what I am lacking while keeping his core methods in gambling. I'll be improving my egy as time goes on and adapt according to the market state. Hopefully I can find my own kind of trading.

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    This transaction was taken only 3 hours before new pivot. Lousy timing. Waiting for next chance.

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    A blessed trade and also a lesson learnt.

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    Got burnt chasing the pips following news.

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    I'm just happy that you're well aware of the thread. I loathed the thought of someone trading gbp/jpy at a similar manner without understanding about greg. I used to revisit the thread once I was losing religion its actual gem which spans a huge period of time.
    My trading style is completely different to yours and greg's but all egies are built/ borrowed from somewhere to a extent and without that thread I wouldn't be where I am today.
    Good fortune.

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    Thanks Spoon138, I've downloaded the whole ribbon as PDF and studying them whenever I'm lost. Great luck to you too.

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    I would love to understand how you are approaching this. Are you currently trying out different egies at the same time and finding the most profitable one or just sticking to one egy and slowly refining it.


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