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Thread: Trading Forex only 4 hours a day... Not more than that

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    Hi Guys

    This is going to be a one of the ribbon that was motivated from Pipeasy ribbon....
    Please go through the above thread and in case you have any question don't hesitate to ask...

    Aim: This ribbon is dedied into stacking.Yes,you noticed it rite stacking.
    We'll keep stacking until fad ends.we will exchange either side of the market.
    Point to keep in mind is that we are not Hedging.
    After three years down the line we'll work less and earn more.

    If you don't like this thread go on..You don't need to waste your time here...

    I am following just three rules....

    Participation:We will need to be in the market if we would like to earn.It is waste of time speculating from side line about motion of the market.Just be in the match and deliver queen home.Yes,first measure is attempt to take part on the market.

    Low-Risk Entries:If you would like to earn more then minimize your losses and let your profits run. . .but we have to put this into real-market. . .here comes yours entrance methods....

    Growing:You saw ideal entrance on a specific pair that you've anticipated for a lengthy entered the trade and earned 200 pips. . .do you think is it cool. . .no. . .stacking Estimated amount of transactions and earning over'n'*200 is cooll....

    To summarize my very first article. . .the main aim of my trading style is to do less work and earn more money over a period of time....

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    The indiors I use are 5/10 ema closed and 200 ema closed.No much more indiors.We know that ema crossovers have flaws since they're lagging indiors.

    I use 5/10 ema to be aware of the strength of the trend.The angle of inclination and the difference between them.

    200ema is utilized as support and resistance.

    All these are two indiors I use.i will post you with a few more charts.

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    Hello oathbreaker,
    looking forward to watching you develop some long legs

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    looking forward to seeing you grow some long legs
    Hello Geoffrod

    Thanks. . I will explain to you how I'll grow long legs...

    Your analysis and opinions are welcome.

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    As I told you that I use 5/10/200 ema's. .that does not mean that I use this move averages to input my commerce....

    Permit,me inform to everyone that until any indior point one to the direction of fashion,there'll be initial moment in the candle that tells you what price action is doing....

    Our indiors are leading or lagging indiors. . .but candles informs us the real story....yes,they tell us what price action is doing rite now....

    So rather than following Price action-indior-trade

    You need to develop your mind to determine price action-trade

    Here is the last summary of my post. . .each candle will inform you different story so better comply with the story of these candles instead of following the indiors. . .we utilize indiors to just gauge the minute of this trend and s/r.

    That I will reveal to you some charts in the next post...

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    According to our three preceding steps we will need to be in the market with low-risk and also we will need to have over one leg.

    To participate we will need to pick the pairs first.Yes,we have to look at pairs that are in trend or range.We aren't interested in pairs that are in range.

    I pick two pairs in starting of the,by short listing my pair I have decide to participate on the market particularly pair.

    Low-risk admissions ought to be practiced by your-self. According,to me I spent just 300 pips on any pair I pick on any specific week.Here we are choosing two pairs,so my hard spending is going to be 600 pips in total.I have never invested 600 pips.At worst case scenario we'll have 2 to 3 legs that will be residing and those legs will pay our losses if there are any.

    Growing: I don't devote all 300 pips on a single leg.I spend my s/l on 5-6 legs.i.e.,per leg I'll be spending just 60 pips that is is going to be struck if there is retrace in the rend.

    I open my commerce at open of my daily candle.As I'm not a intra-day trader I'm not worried about instant fulfillment.I will leave it with s/l of 60 pips.If the place survives I will proceed this commerce to B/E and open a different trade.Now,the first trade is free,I won't loose anything if it expires at b/e.

    All these are the rules I follow.

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    We have more than 30 pairs available on any trading platform.So,we have to select proper pair.

    Since I mentioned earlier in my analysis I use candlestick analysis.I don't utilize any indior to select the pair.

    Since I pointed to a candle at the chart.It tells us awful story....Most people forget about the wicks...

    Wick is first sign of weakness.... </b>

    In any of my analysis I utilize wick to gauge the strength of this trend.

    From the chart,I am showing a candle which is having a large wick. . .previous pub are large but this candle is brief...

    The narrative that this candle telling us is that buyers attempted to push up but vendors are powerful and shut it nearly near to open.Which shows vendors are in control.

    In case you have any doubts you can visit PIPEASY ribbon to get clear image.
    Don't hesitate to ask your uncertainty if you have some?

    However,take a look at PIPEASY ribbon....

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    Hi Oathbreaker,

    I have always been inerested in this type of trading due to the fact that one doesn't need to be on the puter all the time. I am simply moving from 5m - 15m scalping to H1 using a vew of moving on to H4 TF. I never enrolled much success with my short time scalping although the H1 trades are giving me better results today. S I'm convinced long TF are better. I'll be following your thread as it grows!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    However,take a look at PIPEASY thread....
    Did not find the thread.
    Can you post the link to PIPEASY thread? .


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    Hey Tom,

    Check out the thread named, Building an equity millipede.. .it is just one of FF's best.


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