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    Feist Beginner Journal

    Decided to start keep an electronic journal so that I can visualised my charts. This is a journal that is similar to the one I keep physcially. It's only for my own personal consumption only.

    ************************************************** *************************
    Dec 2007
    another perplexing period from Starting of Aug -Oct.. I was feeling stressed then. Before that I was focsing on 4hr charts based on Philips 4hr method. I do have good results combining his method and PA.. From him learnt more abt market emotion esp on uses of MAs and good trading guides.

    However maybe the market changed or changed... I began to overlook the signs after signs. The signs happened during my work hrs or when I am asleep. I began to feel stressed. I began entering transactions recklessly and the results endured. No surprises there. And it live acct.

    Feels sucky then. And its been just over a yr since I stumbled upon FX thru' a friend recommendation (make $$$ with min spend! Stop investing in stocks!)

    So I stopped trading live and was lost for awhile. I realised and reflected my best results comes from PA.. So I clean up my charts again and again refocuses back on PA and using Fozzy/4hrMACD at times to chk on a trade. The confidence is still lacking. . .but I wish to build this up again as trading live might help me with tt.

    ************************************************** *************************

    Main Method: Naked Trading

    Minor process: Philips Nel 4hrMACD (enourmous gratitude) /Fozzy (Used at times)

    SL: usually 25-80pips (depends)

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    - no action.

    -Short. 2.0123, TP1=1.9889 TP2=conduct

    -Scalp Short. On the Lookout for entrance. Possible in midweek?

    -Long (still in the trade), looking to get re-entry on pullback to 21ema

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    Wasnt filled on most of the transactions esp EUroUSD and eurcad. So mad with myself. . .will need to fine tune my entries and stop being such a sucker!

    I am too greedy, trusting that the bear will stay a little longer to get me filled at greater prices.



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    17th June

    1) Price hitted high in 2.0045-!!! (High of 1991 92) !!

    1)divergence!!! Short bias

    1)Overall uptrend
    two )Price bounced off LTL as anticipated (fri15th)
    3)MAs confluence-!!!
    4)MACD - potential TC
    - Emotion building up

    1) Potential price will be adhered ard the border of LTL and MAs-???
    Two ) MACD- weak signal strength

    What now?
    - No signal. Wait
    - Short Bias for scalp on pullback.
    - Long through pullback/MCAD signal (no signal yet)

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    Dual top!!

    Current dwn trend with service at 1.3365 median line

    Dwn trend with shrt term long after wed-fri as price touches LTL then.
    MCAD:RB (up)

    MACD: up
    Possible price moving to 89/365ma - TTL - possible quick scalp CT (20p)

    Price obstruction:200
    Double best hammer
    MACD: RT (dwn)!!

    What today?
    Possible quick scalp CT:20pip.short.
    Mid term: shrt prejudice
    - See price action for indiion of weakness
    - Wait for price to be drained / struck TL resistant

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    Hello BGazzoni
    No Trading only to prepare oneself for the coming week. I do mainly intraday trades.

    Thnk you. I try! A novice.

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    In a range 1.2562 - 1.1962
    Possible HS forming??? If price breaks thru, will be an upward trend

    200ma as you can resistant
    MAs crossed:upward

    Double shirt (TBC) - dwn
    MACD:RT (TBC) - dwn
    Near price exhaution place
    Caution: Powerful upward trend. ALL CT transactions shld be tight

    Resistant 1.2466
    Price touched 21ma
    Top TL

    What now?
    No sign waiting for confirmation.
    Short prejudice. **Warning **
    Up trend possibly exhausted- look out for shrt sign on daily. After cfm, will be shrt prejudice



    - up
    - Price near Median line/TL

    MACD: Possible TC sign (TBC)
    RSI: Resistant (brief )
    !!! Strong momentum. If price breaks 123.58, this is a upside of 128-130 of TL!!!!

    Up trend
    Touched top TL

    Top TL- potential shrt signal
    MACD: Dual top **caution due to strong fashion ***
    Doji.Wait for further affirmation.
    Possible dawn star formation

    What now?
    A strong up trend. CT transactions shld be reconsidered.
    Scalp: shrt - wait for further verifiion beside doji.
    Mid term prejudice: Long. Wait for more signs.

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