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Thread: Sycho - Volume Based Trade (Gbp/JpyandUsd/JPY)

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    Sycho - Volume Based Trade (Gbp/JpyandUsd/JPY)

    Good Morning All..this thread has been started to analys all sort of commerce's with regard to volume..full rules and setups coming shortly. .

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    Last top out of this,conflict place was 162, holding stage 161.23

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    Kinds of PLAN

    1)STRATEGIC PLANNING(broad long-range Target )

    Two )TACTICAL PLANNING(specific short-range objective/identifiion)

    3)OPERATIONAL PLANNING: Placing work and schedule Regular

    4)CONTINGENCY PLANNING:back-up Progr in case Main plans Neglect...


    1)Establish the Scenario

    2)Describe and Gather needed information

    3)Develop alternatives

    4)Create agreement among yourself

    5)Pick which alternative is best.

    6)Do what's indied (begin implementation)

    7)Determine whether the decision was a great one and follow up...

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    If we create a re-test of 146.35. .that put's us at a mini range..maxi:146.35,mini:143.55 about 300pips,so we buy in the bottom and sell at the very best,though I might advise only selling in the top to improve any long term brief,b/coz I do not wish to have any thing to do with against the thread,only my trading plan. .

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    We have a couple of news coming up now,basically I will stay from it..that's what've been doing through out the recession period...I will still reevaluate the news and we can talk about all of it,here..gimme an hr or two

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    G/j today based on quantity shows we go to 142.38beneath today. .

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    This is my long term target for g/j

    and this are the positions I have started already
    1) 150.12sell,147.90sell,145.87sell and am looking at incorporating more types at
    1)144.16 when it becomes our new large upon breaking of 142. .charts coming up

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    volume shows the bulls are clustered around 143.53. .meaning it won't be simple breaking there,but let's see how the hrly closes then I can provide a clear direction

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    A few how guyz the bears are eating there way back and are taking control of 143.62area..if we break below this amount b/4 new york session then we are going to see 140-139 2day...

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    Guyz this is an important thing here..qqe5 chairs directly on top of 25level,2-multi mm below 0-level,and volume revealing raising bear bars..can we break this 142area. . .let's see exactly what the new hrl pub's brings..looks like she would like to find that the upside 145area again. .

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