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Thread: A Change of Perspective

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    A Change of Perspective

    This thread is basically a continuation of a site I have been keeping simply to enhance my recording discipline. And it functions!!
    OK today I don't believe in reinventing the wheel with new and elaborate indiors or egies. However, I do believe in creating a new relationship with the market. Put another way, I have realized after decades of fruion that its not my lack of knowledge about the market preventing consistent achievement, its my inappropriate attitudes and expectations regarding the market and myself which are the major stumbling blocks to getting it right. I won't post daily, but I shall post with each move I make.

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    Okay we've got something to talk about, but unfortunately we have to sit on the fence.
    The loonie was in a solid downtrend since march. Now because late October we haven't seen a new low or a new high. It resembles end of today we'll have a 3 way crossover which looks appealing for a brief. Except for the fact of the recent high/low. If I was a punting man I would say it will work and proceed south. But since I am not, I would rather wait and see if the trend will reverse or continue.

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    Well the holidays are over, its been a fantastic break. Back to business. I have ever been seeing the charts for a week or so but nothing interesting has introduced. Now we do have a short on the euro, which is a little dicey. I am hoping the absence of trades recently hasn't affected my choice lol. My entry is 1.4086

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    Okay well I exited my euro trade early friday evening (oz time) to get a 130p profit. Normally I would rather wait til after the uk and us sessions but being friday night I outed early. Had I remained til late us session it would be like 200p up. Oh well you get that.
    Now I entered a short on the aussie @ .8821
    Again its not the most fantastic entry but fits with my method so I'l have a go.

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    It might be described as a little bad luck aka thats trading
    I dropped 87p on my aussie trade today. After a fairly heavy swing from the trade in the uk and us sessions last night, it was pretty much at my exit point. Which is exactly what I did, especially given a rate statement was due in the next oriental session. I don't trade the news but I'm wary of the effect that they can have and did not wish to be in a losing trade with heavy interest. Unfortunately the statement wasn't since the market predicted sending the aussie tumbling in my (now ex) trades management.
    Not much else of interest except the loonie may be setting up for a sell within the following day or so.

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    I've been rather tardy here. So much happening, so hardly any time.
    I entered two trades early friday morning EST (East Coast Oz time). Both brief. Infact I actually got three signs one for every one of my markets however the long over the loonie was not all that interesting for me, given its struggle to create new highs.
    The aussie and euro both seemed better given their enthusiasm for making new lows. I was somewhat concerned in making a drama given the rather large down days we have been having recently, especially the euro however a confirmation is just that, a signal to place a trade. My server is down since I'm typing so I don't recall my actual entrance, but yesterday (sat morn) when I assessed the euro trade was up around 90p and the aussie around b/e.

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    I exited both trades early this morning. Regrettably the aussie has been 95p down and the euro 20p down. I like to look at my losses to see if anything could have been averted, nothing worse then a avoidable loss. However, this time without the crystal ball I wouldn't have changed anything, and it is a good thing. Merely One of these Operational Costs. Nothing else to report, though I will be watching both oz and euro carefully for longer shorts.

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    Early last night I entered a short on the loonie @1.0577
    There has been also a signal on the aussie, but I have skipped it due to its proximity to the 52ma, plus its quite a large candle. Interesting that the euro was down though the aussie needed a huge upward day.

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    Been a hectic weekend, this is my first opportunity to put in a trade I took Friday. Was early evening oz time on the euroI moved short (yes again) @1.3646
    I'm still short the loonie, which does feel weird being same way in both euro and loonie, but hey the charts don't lie.

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    Its Monday again. I exited my loonie trade for a little profit of 47p just now. Friday was not able to make a new low or close beneath the 52ma. With today's asian trade the same pretty much occurred so that is enough for me to want out. I could be wrong and end of this session could see a break below the 52, but while I'm in a trade I like to see actions.
    I'm torn concerning the euro, currently up around 55p, I've chose to say at given friday made a new low, and there is no ma's hindering price anywhere nearby. That said I shall bring my stop to b/e just in case we see something go major against the trade.

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