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    The Iggy System

    So I thought I'd begin a little thread of my own because I can not seem to respond to quite a few comments on the forum and really wanted to simply put my 2cents worth.

    1st up...
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Its hard to be an EU bull nowadays, but check this out 30 min chart

    they nearly did a fake out in Asia with stopping volume. I am going to be searching for more strength and a test 1.3350 to 1.3450 in London.
    So my thoughts... malcolm say buy, I sell
    Now admitidly it did move up 50pips but that is 50pips brief of the'test goal' of 3350. So...
    malcolm says buy strike 1H62 = market for a potential 200 pips

    NB. Not posting this to be bitchy or anything else besides to reveal items I consistantly see but cannot remark on elsewhere.

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    Again, this is my idea and I will most likely be incorrect...

    Should EURUSD close below 1.3100, target 1.3000 with SL if close over 1.3125 (preferably after breaking large of 1.3130)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Again, this is my idea and I will probably be incorrect...

    Should EURUSD shut below 1.3100, goal 1.3000 with SL if shut above 1.3125 (rather after breaking high of 1.3130)
    OMG... I got this one right

    Pitty we missed the entry on the other transaction by 5 pips. Still think we're led to 1.2916 though.

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    So here could be another possible entrance. Sell EURUSD at 1.3050, SL if close above 1.3083, targeting the 1.2196 place.... Simply saying

    Opps... that ought to be 1.2916 for those which didn't pick it up:lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Therefore here might be another possible entry. Sell EURUSD in 1.3050, SL if shut above 1.3083, targeting the 1.2196 area.... Just saying

    Opps... that ought to be 1.2916 for people that didn't pick it up:lol:
    So twice price came within 10pips of the 3050 area, both times dropping over 50pips but coming anywhere close to 2196. And when it finally hit 3050, some 12 hours later, it retained storming up on

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    And my personal thought (do NOT trade this based in my own thought, I will most likely be incorrect )

    Sell EURUSD in 1.3154, SL if close over 1.3211 (M30) or maybe a bit higher based on the 1H62ema, target 1.2916

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