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Thread: Price Breakout Pattern Scalper EA For Free

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    GBPUSD Market Outlook 2 Feb 2018
    GBPUSD could not penetrate the distribution zone (H1lt;H1, Mean Reversion Offer Demand). However, it just made a change below the supply zone around few pips. In fact, it turned out around the immunity which was the expansion of yesterday's high from the January high (Smart Renko, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner).

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    USDJPY Market Outlook 2 Feb 2018
    USDJPY made a fast drop after annually. USDJPY broke well below the neck of Dual shirt (H4lt;H4, cost breakout pattern scanner). Right now, with the creation of Bullish BAT pattern, USDJPY is reacting bullish (H4lt;H4, Harmonic Pattern Plus). Overall, it moved over 100 pips up. USDJPY is only 100 pips under the first furnish zone (H4lt;H4, Mean Reversion Supply Demand). That you might need to watch these out amount next week.

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    Fiscal Trading with Five Regularities forum opened
    Today we have opened a forum named Financial Trading with Five Regularities. We hope we can direct your trading and investment into the ideal direction . The concept can remove a whole lot of non sense trading at place. So it's going to be definitely for your trading.
    Please check the discussion. Obviously, the discussion is completely free and anyone can join at:

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    New Tool, Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics is released and available
    we've released Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics within our new item. This effective tool is your initial direct tool to deal with this Equilibrium Fractal Wave and Fifth regularity in the monetary industry. Based on our experience in research and practical trading in the marketplace, this instrument is actually strong. Well, seems complicated? , No, it is extremely simple and easy to trade and also to forecast the financial market using this instrument. Plus you have an scientific system, EFW Index to build your trading logic thoroughly within this tool.
    We hope this powerful tool can serve our customers better. We'll also employing this instrument actively to predict and forecast the financial market for your trading and investment. You may see. Here is the link from our Site to the Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics.
    On the products will arrive in equally MT4 and MT5 version also. It will be on too pretty soon. In the link, you can
    The screenshot reveal the current market prognosis together with EURUSD using Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics with Harmonic Pattern Plus, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner, Mean Reversion Provide Demand.

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    GBPUSD Market Outlook 3 Feb 2018
    Since we've discussed in our last article, we've introduced a powerful new tool called balance fractal wave analytics. So we'll be using them actively. This really is GBPUSD screenshot. You can tell many things happening. GBPUSD responded around 300 pips throughout its bullish movement (H1lt;H1, Harmonic Pattern Plus). Then it broke through EFW Channel (circled in Yellow) for approximately 100 pips. GBPUSD came to retest the base of big triangle (H1lt;H1 Price Breakout Pattern Scanner). Yes, there are chance of breakout through the triangle. But note that among the shape ratio 0.618 is just below the triangle also. Therefore, you have to watch this shape ratio at the same time out to ride the possible volatility.

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    New Article Simple Explanation on Repainting, Recalculating, and Static Algorithm in Technical Analysis Published
    The technical Evaluation is a key to successful trading. If you're a dealer that is fundamental, you will need to use technical analysis to the precise control of your entry and exit in your trading. Analysis will be used by nearly at the very least a half billion of traders if we count the use of every evaluation on the globe. The issue is that not everybody is using the technical analysis in the ideal method. The objective of this guide is to clean the excessively spread misunderstanding regarding what folks called ”Repainting technical indicators” in the area. In the start, I thought that it would be matter for starters. Later, I met many Currency Market traders claiming 3 to 5 years of trading experience. However, the majority of these traders still do not have clue what is the indicator except portion of traders one of them. Search on google was disappointing. Some articles clarified on the repainting's topic. Some articles were nearly uninformative to continue to see. Some terminology of witch-hunting nearly devastated some articles a lot of excellent analysis. The technical evaluation on these witch-hunting comprise:Market Profile (invented by J. Peter Stdidlmayer) Fractal indicator (invented by Bill Williams) Fourier transform and a Number of Other signal processing algorithm (invented by Joseph Fourier and Several other people) ZigZag indicator Quick moving average including many zero-lag or non-lag moving average household Harmonic Pattern (invented by H.M. Gartley, any many others later on) Other technical evaluation algorithm Their algorithm and the aforementioned analysis are used by millions of traders and scientists every day. If you're doubt, just google to search for the internet community using those evaluation. If their algorithms and those evaluation are bad and repainting, then people are using them? Well, I believe till you're able to clear the misunderstanding regarding the indicator that this will remain as a myth to you.
    Here is the URL to the full article

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    AUDUSD Market Outlook - 4 Fe 2018
    AUDUSD was the one enjoyed the strong bullish momentum past couple of decades. Since the formation of Cypher (D1lt;D1 Harmonic Pattern Plus), AUDUSD continued its bullish movement since last December and January. At the end of January, AUDUSD was struck with bearish ABCD pattern formation. Last week it struck around 200 pips down. Note the candle bar that is increasing size on last Friday. Additionally, check its potential zone and the equilibrium fractal wave channel when AUDUSD is continuing its movement.

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    EURUSD Market Outlook 5 Feb 2018
    Week just started for the financial market. EURUSD started with a gap at the beginning of session that was Asian. EURUSD have just landed well across the cushioning of EFW Channel (H1lt;H1, EFW Analytics). Hope that this is helpful for the trading.

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    USDJPY Market Outlook - 5 Feb 2018
    In our final analysis, we have seen the formation of bullish BAT pattern at the beginning of February. Here we reveal market analysis that is shorter utilizing timeframe. With market now, a constant fall was created by USDJPY during the Asian Session. The fall was coincided with the formation of butterfly pattern (H1lt;H1, Harmonic Pattern Plus). Right now, USDJPY only touched the cushioning of the EFW Channel about 109.70. We do hope that strong from this level in US and Europe session will be departed by USDJPY. Potentially you will look as your immunity for upper lines of channel. The important support can be 109.200 below the current level.

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    GBPUSD Market Outlook-5 Feb 2018
    GBPUSD breakout below the lower Base of This Equilibrium Fractal Wave Channel (Pattern 7, EFW Analytics H1). If GBPUSD is heading to farther down, we then better to see another EFW Channel (Pattern 5, EFW Analytics H1). Notably, note that we have a conjunction between EFW Channel and Demand zone. I have circled in the screenshot because this is important area for your trading.
    Do not forget that we have the exclusive bargain to get the Mega discounts to get the most effective trading system.

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    EURUSD Market Outlook 2-5 Feb 2018
    Within our last analysis about EURUSD, we've proven that EURUSD has been landed well over the padding of this EFW Channel. Indeed, EURUSD Breakout below the EFW Channel. Now, it is currently heading down. Our EFW Analytics detected new small EFW Channel in the reasonable location (Red). EFW Channel's base will functions as service for some time. Especially, I've marked the junction between the neck line of Dual Top (Cost Breakout Pattern Scanner) and the EFW Channel (Red). You'll need to watch out this junction very carefully. The creation of bearish ABCD pattern (Harmonic Design Plus) is still looking good.

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    New Post in the Fiscal trading with Five Regularities Forum
    Second post is available in the Fiscal trading with Five Regularities Forum. We expect more of you to combine to learn the method of trading. It's free and educational.

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