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    I am currently sitting on the sidelines but I'll be up and running within a week or two. I have a lot of different plans and egies which I would like comment and hints on. My primary reason for beginning this trading journal is to have all of my motions seen at a public forum where I could be held accountable for my mistakes and congratulated on my successes. I hope that this can help me from blowing off my account.


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    Placed a buy stop at 79.600 to hedge, JIC it goes that high.

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    Well I am now out of both positions. The trade did not go as intended. I took a little loss. The position was little. I have to better analyze my entry points. I have discovered that I can not just like a price and jump in anymore. I have been planning for some time today to set up a lot of little limit orders in intervals to work to a position. I'll be posting my new loion and limit order prices shortly.

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    Took a small loss is a fantastic attitude. Good luck with your transactions pending order also can reduce some pligical issues.

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    Alright, Just checking . I am currently in a trade after winning my past 5 or 6 transactions in a row to get profit. This transaction is going back on me a bit but I am holding strong.

    Currency Pair: USD/JPY
    Bias: Short
    Entry Price: 79.505
    Take Profit: 79.4
    Sell Loss: none

    I may set a hedge if it moves too far back . I'll follow up with results.

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