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    Quote Originally Posted by RickM ;
    quote Hi I will need to find this article by Emmanuel however, it was 6-12 months ago, give me a time. I will then explain how a comment unlocked my comprehension of cost action transitions through monthly zones. I posted this graph when I was asked by a trader when the next major move could occur, how I could make a educated guess. picture
    Hello Rick. .
    Thx for your example with the water. .
    100% consented it´s my kind of opinion.

    Excellent postings from the way!


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    Quote Originally Posted by RickM ;
    quote Hello Sesamstrasse I'll need to discover that article by Emmanuel however, it was 6-12 weeks past, give me a time. I'll then describe how a very simple comment unlocked my comprehension of price action transitions through monthly zones. I posted this graph on Forex trading site when I was asked by a dealer when the upcoming move could happen, how I could create a educated guess. picture
    I will appreciate seeing that article also.
    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmanuel7788 ;
    quote Back to your query. To do everything you want is rather easy with the newest MT4 features.
    Hello, Emmanuel, thank you so much for your answer! If that is something really obvious: what features that are mt4 would allow me to have a look at TDIs of all pairs for some timeframe in one chart, but forgive me?
    Thx for your help as always!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickM ;
    quote Hi Emmanuel AUDNZD - Just my take on this set this week. Since the Zone could not break for me personally the WCC candle wasn't an issue a week and my Kings Candles were invalid. I've entered last Friday with around 60 pips at the bank. Its still struggling to break this weeks high but pressure is now being applied so this moves seems real. When the high is broken, I see how it plays out and will enter with a MEME commerce. What is your phone on EURUSD picture
    EURUSD Week 47 Nov 23:

    Market is ranging today with two major candles, that Weekly WRB and the D1 WRB.
    I favour sell from immunity of these WRBs.

    Intraday week potential swing low target area is 1.1712 (present week low) and 1.16750. Caution as Merkel faces challenges that are fresh.

    For those traders using Synergy Cost Action Channel 5SMMA High Low, you may notice D1 bar and HA candles are insie that PAC.

    Good Trading and Trade Well Folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eelfranz ;
    I am going to do an examination on the everyday charts. When green crosses reddish I will stay in till green crosses reddish. I will report the results per week or so... I will only enter if the candles are medium length or larger... wish me luck ...
    Hey People,

    remember Big E's post above,

    here is the perfect illustration example AURCAD D1 chart.
    If you'd forward tesed this entry and exit using the TDI cross and

    and another entry and exit using the HA Close with PAC and TDI Mild mode,

    you get the same effect = 75 pips for one single entry / single exit transaction,

    1 std lot = 75 pips or $750

    but should you chopped that one single transaction into small lots, say 10 x 0.1 std whole lot, you purchase 750pips.

    But the cash you bank in will still be $750 into your bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhangshuo ;
    quote Hello, Emmanuel, thank you a lot for the answer! But forgive me if that is something so evident: what new attributes that are mt4 would let me look at TDIs of all pairs for a interval in one graph? Thx for your help as always! Shuo
    Hey zhangshuo,

    Really sorry but I don't have enough time to be discussing mql programming here in this thread.

    There are site / forums where developers discuss and share mql4 and mql5 programming.

    Should you follow the new mql5, then there's future beyond 2020.

    I can continue with mql4 for the following 2 decades then it is going to be mql5 for me personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekoooy ;
    quote Its a little bit confusing. Many are saying that VARIABLE A is Candle #1. Many are saying that VARIABLE B is Candle #1. Which is which? Thanks. image
    Once upon a time I was confused also.
    But that was long time ago.
    I have since sorted that out.

    Two most important posts, IMHO which helped me sort out my confusion.

    Now you have to sort out in your own.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekoooy ;
    Hello. Newbie here. What Candle number(vertical line) is that? Thanks. picture
    You chose that UJ H4 graph from Post#351 and the answer is right there.

    And the next question is, how can you put in into a trade on candle#3?

    Answer : YES. why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sesamstrasse ;
    quote 3 ^^

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