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Thread: how to add use-time and password for mt4 indiors?

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    how to add use-time and password for mt4 indicators?

    I've one mt4 indior,I wish to add 1 purpose into it.I dont know how use the mq4 language.

    Insert Function:
    I would like to restrict use-time for this indior,when expire user need to type password subsequently continue to utilize this indior.

    Best dre!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I wish to limit use-time to this indior,when expire user should type password subsequently continue to use this indior.Minquan
    Just out of curiosity: This is the most eccentric programming petition I have read for quite some time. Why on earth would somebody want to use the indior that you just posted in source code form, composed by somebody else (I dont know how use the mq4 language) altered with such a bizarre limitation?

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    Sounds like you want to market it.

    Also, the only way you can really expect this to not be decompiled by somebody else is not to distribute it.

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