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Thread: Price Breakout Pattern Scalper EA For Free

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    Hello Fellow Traders.

    I wanted to construct a Scalping EA based on the purchase price breakout egy based on the purchase price breakout scanner. Http://

    Unfortunately, as a result of heavy computation involved in identifying cost breakout patterns (, I needed to stop building this Scalping EA on its experimental stage. I couldn't make any progress.

    I think still I can not find a ways of decreasing computation in identifying cost breakout patterns. Implementing full algo it takes too long time to run back test.

    I used demanding algorithm about the EA Beast to save computation but the precision also decrease too with the algorithm that was rough. So it only shows the fantastic potential but no longer at this stage.

    So Cost breakout pattern is better suited to manual trading just so far I guess.

    Anyhow, anyone has adventurous mind then you may try this EA on demonion account. This is absolutely free.

    Notice that this is experimental EA and eduional EA only although there is not any limitation to use this EA in your live account.

    But use them with your own care and care. EURUSD H1 time period only. This is free EA.

    Hopefully you guys will have some fun playing this EA on this tacky and boiling summer weather, at least it is true where I am living for the time being.

    I attach two back testing test reports based on last 1 year old information and EA as well as the EA Beast version 2.9.

    Plus, the ideal broker to utilize this EA is some broker permit you to start as many as open positions as possible (even larger than 300). The EA can work together with the broker limiting the amount of open positions too like the case of Iron FX. But the profitability will reduce dramatically. Also it is better to use this EA with broker you can get tight stop loss and take profit level.

    You're welcome to go over your forward testing outcomes here with this experimental EA. So feel free to use this post to go over anything regarding the performance of the EA Beast. You can also share the parameter collections in the event that you find one. You will find just a few parameters to optimize.

    Kind regards.

    A few free resources for Cost Action and Pattern Trading

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    Big smile for me personally.

    My breakout Pattern Scanner was somehow picked up to show the graphic demonion in Market Place in a few of the latest articles by Meta Quote Corporation.

    Breakout Pattern Scanner is the mother of this EA beast, although the Beast EA only use rough and not as accurate algorithm to look for the pattern to save computation. Breakout Pattern Scanner utilizes full permutation search engine not to miss any significant breakout routine.

    The main focus of this article is purely graphical demonion for products in the Market Place.

    It may be interesting to see whether you are seller or buyers or not one of those.

    Here is the link for the article:

    along with all the respects, it had been very good tips and points provided by Meta Quote Corporation for novices preparing for earnings.

    Plus I could adapt some of advice from the article too for my present and future products.

    Kind regards.

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    Free Risk Management Tool Has been Upgraded. Never exchange with no Risk Management Tool, if you are manually trading.

    Manual Trading may be really entertaining if your risk is controlled. Free and accessible for MT4 and MT5.

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    Your Definite Guide for Price Action and Pattern Trading Package </b>

    Our Forex Trading Appliions are designed for different level of traders from Novices to Professional Dealers. Here you can find out the full list of Price Action and Pattern Trading Software.

    Beginner Trading Package 1
    Price Action Candle Detector Risk Management Tool (free) NRTR (totally free,

    Intermediate Trading Package 1
    Harmonic Pattern Plus Risk Management Tool (free) other technical indior Template supplied from us (free).

    Intermediate Trading Package two
    Price Breakout Pattern Scanner Risk Management Tool (free) other technical indior Template supplied from us (free).

    Professional Trading Package 1
    Harmonic Pattern Plus Price Breakout Pattern Scanner Risk Management Tool (free) other technical indior Template supplied from us (free).

    Professional Trading Package 2
    Harmonic Pattern Plus Price Breakout Pattern Scanner Sideways Market Analyzer Risk Management Tool (free) other technical indior Template supplied from us (free).

    Few Tips on Selecting the Ideal Package for You</b>

    In our experience, the prediction power between Harmonic Pattern and Price Breakout Pattern is comparable. This is our guie for weighting our Price Action and Pattern Trading appliions:

    Harmonic Pattern = Price Breakout Pattern gt; Price Action Candle Detector
    Sideways Market Analyzer works more like EA. So it is tough to compare it with other appliions. The most important difference between these software is that harmonic Patterns and Price breakout patterns are formed over many candles bars (i.e. occasionally over 100 candle bars.) Whereas Price Action candle Detector finds patterns with two or 3 candle bars. Thus, Harmonic Pattern and Price Breakout Pattern naturally provide you more powerful market perspective over Price Action Candle Detector. Having said that, Price Action Candle Detector is still quite accurate. In terms of learning curve (how easy to learn the appliions), our rating is similar to this:

    Price Action Candle Detector gt; Harmonic Pattern gt; Price Breakout Pattern gt; Sideways Market Analyzer
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    Wahoo 300 downloads so far in 1 month period,

    These are free resources to help you to trade securely in Forex market. Entirely free.

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    Price action candle detector has been chosen as best sellers in this past week.

    Not pricey trading solution but very strong trading tool for any level of traders.

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    1 Attachment(s) This is the first pdf document for BNT Triple Entry Trading Strategy on the link below. I am hoping this will help your lucrative trading much more rewarding.
    Of course, it's free and no expiry date. Enjoy.

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