Newbies Mistakes
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    Newbies Mistakes

    Read alot of threads about trading and beginners arriving in. To advise you beginners out there the frequent error by novices is OVER LEVERAGE. Leverage used is your investment instrument, used it turns into a investment weapon of mass destruction and will blow you newbie up's. The higher the leverage the quicker the equity Swings and less time to respond so its better to get a plan, not transcend certain places that are open to guard your account the time.
    This marketplace would be the toughest to find out with the maximum learning curve necessary to get it correctly. So as to give the time necessary to be comfy with subject to you that means you have to preserve your capitol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, , I eventually decided to join the forum and among the first areas where I wanted to subscribe was here. Each day better outcomes which shows that perseverance is a really strong weapon. Congratulations, you are a great inspiration for us.
    Hi Imiberme,

    Happy you found my diary worthy to join to
    I am currently on vaion ( still approx per week left) therefore, there is not much change on the my account attached here, but it does not imply zero trading, only since that TE account is my master acct, and I can't oversee it entirely, I exchange on my personal account on some chosen times if progr with friends allow.
    Like tonight, the USD news have been a good occasion to pick up 0.4%.
    Coincidentally, non of the transactions were made on USD pairs, lol, but on GJ (extended) and EA (brief) about the aftermaths of their initial moves.

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    Only the typical subject that gets hardly any answers ... I wonder why...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Are there some successful RETAIL Forex trader on the market?
    immediately comes to mind. He is a shining example that we can triumph in retail forex.

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    Some vaion photos...
    Started with Bangkok, and temples. . .then a few more temples in Ayutthaya. . .then Chonburi. . .new, old, Chinese...
    No pictures from Pattaya, to keep the journal G rated rather than R.. . But let's just say the city offers certain entertaining stuffs ( or is that staffs?) in RR.
    Currently on Koh Chang, island with beaches, photographs of it probably can make it here afterwards throughout this week.

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    What a beautiful journey PF...
    It is actually amazing to me in this exact same forum folks are dabating to death if it's even possible to become profitable. Meanwhile, in the 7 you are already in 8 weeks.

    Congratulations and keep killing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Occasionally things happen when the least anticipated... Like while still being on vaion ( still). Literally just an hour ago I got a email from Fixi, they add to the alloion... And. . .and. . .wait for this... Effective as of now, the new level is 100x multiplier of my master acct there, and as such the feasibility is worth approx 1.2 million. So, yes, 7 digit, also for real! Overall surprise!! Was expecting a test end of March, with chance to double the prior 250k alloion... Of course, remember the -3.5% max DD limitation doesn't...
    That is great news PF, wish you the best.

    Put on your seat belt

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    Great PF, fantastic news.

    Now you only have to get back from holiday. I know your holidays have been killing me. I am hanging out regular waiting for your next update.

    Best of Luck.

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    Occasionally things occur when the least expected...
    Much like while being on holiday ( still).
    Literally just an hour ago I received a email from Fixi, they increase the alloion...
    And. . .and. . .wait for it...
    Effective as of now, the new amount is 100x Platinum of my master acct there, and as such the alloion is worth approx 1.2 million.
    So yes, 7 digit, and for real!
    Total surprise!!
    Was anticipating a evaluation end of March, with possibility to double the prior 250k alloion...

    Of course, keep in mind the -3.5% max DD limitation doesn't allow a trader to take massive bets for fast profits!!
    The purpose is, to see it is likely to not have huge private funds, but consistency in outcomes nevertheless can land a few fine opportunities and a opportunity to grow.
    Never could be sure exactly what the future brings, but when I scroll back the beginning of the diary, there's definitely a very long way I came since, and that's just 8 months?!
    It is a journey, and with all of the ups and downs, but I am really glad I took my chances and gave up my job for it.
    Whatever occurs, even just for the experience itself, it worth it!

    Happy trading!

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    Always a pleasure to read your updates :--RRB-

    Keep trading, do not change anything - you're doing great, well done, an inspiration to many of us

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