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Thread: Sailing Deusa

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    Sailing Deusa

    I'll try to maintain this thread as best I could. Hopefully together with your input it can survive. My narrative is an unusual one.

    I have traded for several years in several distinct ways and are a member of forum, (FF), for a long moment. Mostly I read instead of participate. A few abandoned threads are definitely stored in FF's archives.

    I decided a year or two back to sail the world. Of course, this starts with a dream to achieve that. Then a plan has to be made about how this is a possible reality. And of course with this comes the finances. We managed over several years to build enough funds to pay us enough to do so. Nonetheless, it's marginal. So can trading supplement ?

    First, here is how you can follow our travel
    Our site, or on facebook sailingDEUSA
    facebook is far more up to date at time of writing due to the work load. I'm accountable for the website!

    So after working full-time refitting the ship, a entire overhaul, for around 15 months she was trucked from 1300 meters above sea level along with a distance of about 700 km, to the coastal town of Richards Bay, South Africa. Here we had to take a break. Six days a week work free of income and expenditures that just boat owners know left us rent a cabin for a month while we prepared her to get the water. I have not been able to trade during this intense time and that I needed to use part of the month to get back to this. So here I'm starting again. However, this isn't trading as a hobby or just for fun or to find out if I loe the holy grail. This is now trading for the purpose of revenue.

    I thought this may interest a few and that I thought I could conduct a journal . Perhaps others may benefit and counsel.

    So I have two elements. A plan and a egy.

    I'll build this thread as I go, I think, since there are days which I want to dedie into the ship and days that I'll dedie into trading.

    To begin; the transaction Program. I think that is the really important part. Can I make $10 from $100? Yes! I have done that so many times. That is 10 percent
    If I do so and compound it and raise my lots as neccessary to maintain this accomplishment going while keeping risk as low as possible then how long could it take me to flip the $100 into $10000 with a 10% win every day? Response ends up to be 50 days. So the first five days were totally perfect and on day 6 I hit a miss and matters went to get a ball. Here's a snip of my plan:

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    Gold Long took profit. ) Waiting to see if there's a long re-entry. Not likely, I think, in which case a short.

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    I guess it is clear. Sell on the Orange against a background of red.
    Buy on the light blue against a Dark Blue background.

    Simple enough. But check to the left. Notice how we would need to have a bit more insight to keep out of their flat prices or know how to use the white HA in these periods and those fail quite a bit!

    There's always that element of understanding your market. That's the hard bit. And of course it is the market bad news that destroys the top of plans!

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    Also, the way to deal with trades.

    Mostly I love to conduct a Stop Loss, (SL), up behind price as it advances until the transaction is at profit and keep trailing price until it is hit and you Take Profit, (TP).

    However, when price is not operating or I'm unsure, I put the transaction and instantly decide on a TP for 500 points. The 500 points come from observation of a signal and a price movement. It's not always effective, but it is not bad in any way. Sometimes part of that, unsuccessful, isn't failure, it is that price does really run and I might have done better!

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    How can you get the HAs to show up like this?

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    Hi Chris.
    Here is your indi and a template. Not certain when the template will put on the indi settings. If your display does not look similar let me know and I'll post you the configurations.

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    Hi Derek
    Thanks, not the same...
    This is what I have.

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    Oh, ok Chris. Apply another instance of the HA indi to your chart. It will default to the M1 TF. I changed the colors of the one all to white. I think that ought to do it.

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    Here's my current loion. Recovering slowly from Day 6.

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