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Thread: Sailing Deusa

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    Going to keep a look out for an oil change.

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    Gold gave me a market signal.

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    The DAX was so flat now. Do not believe I have ever seen it like this. But Oil... Ho Ha! . However, I wasn't in it!

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    So you can see that I didn't begin with just $100 but that is beside the point since I also won't wind up with just $10000. If I do in any way!

    Well learn from the collapse, (non-farm job ), rookie error! And carry on. Try to make this up or extend the egy.

    The method. I have created a system which I believe of as the Heiken I Cloud. It's rather straightforward and visually intuitive. Here's a screen shot. By the way I exchange DAX, (GER30), and Gold, but will mainly talk about DAX here. This chart is M1 DAX.

    What you see in this chart is Heiken I, (HA), applied over three different time frames, (TF).

    First that the white is applied to the TF that is current, the M1 TF.
    Second is the orange and light blue, which will be M5 TF
    along with the major red is a H1 TF

    So really we are searching for trend and how to exchange the trend. I guess you could do so with moving averages too. The HA is only better visually and that I think paints the picture well. The arrows have been generated on the changes of HA.

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