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Thread: Guppy Trades

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    Guppy Trades

    I'm almost entirely trading GBP/JPY (Guppy).

    I've a live commerce.

    Long @227
    SL 50
    TP 125

    Anyone wants to ride ?

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    I was up 60 pips, but suddenly dived down (was not within my PC for some time ). Strike my SL

    Now, I am short at 226.5
    TP/SL 50

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    That you go 20Pips. .SL taken and booked a loss on the trade..did you too?

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    Are you trading reside? GBP/JPY has strong volatility, so I suggest you go demo .

    I've my own egy concerning this pair. Also integrating Nicotina system, will give you.

    BTW, my name is not Guppy -- it's the nickname of GBP/JPY.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I'm new to trading and woud love when we can share our thoughts on the movement of different pairs. For instance, regarding this specific trade, why is it that you feel the pair is going to appear and is there any thought process for setting the SL and TP amounts?
    BTW I just started a long position, since a pin bar formed earlier today close to the weekly assistance of 226.50 and the price has bounced off those amounts. For me personally the SL is at 226.50 level which is the downward support level. I really don't hvae a TP level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I had been up 60 pips, but suddenly dived down (was not within my PC for a while). Strike my SL

    Now, I'm short at 226.5
    TP/SL 50
    Don't you have casino's around where you reside. . .trust me..that is more enjoyable than this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Does Not matter.. .even a coin toss will probably come out Heads 50 percent of the times...
    I thought you could help me enhance my thought process...

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    TP Hit

    Limit order @ 226.10 (Brief )

    current price 225.98

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    Heikin I bearish.
    - 50 pips
    50 pips

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    UK PRESS: The outlook for the UK jobs market is the worst for a decade together with unemployment and redunies anticipated to increase in the wake of the global credit astrophe, based on research by a top employment organisation.

    Waiting for another Chance to short

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