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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Pretty charts. Worth any pips?
    First is EJ 6-9 febuary 2007
    second EJ 8-11 january 2007

    Looks nice, but I did not exchange .

    Smart guy from Livermore narrative said sth like
    You dont understand if you dont exchange it.

    My purpose was to show, how do I understeand notion of international trend.
    Its not a technique of trading itself.
    I will continue to post folowing day, and do some trades too, so we all will see

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    The purpose with entrance is not ideal method, however, the tiniest SL you can utilize while open position.

    Short explenation.
    Let's say that I have $100 to bet.

    I place my order using SL=100 pips [$1 per pip]
    Trade goes against me and I lose all $100

    If I'd bet with SL=10
    I'd firstly dropped $10, then MAYBE another signal occur after a second 20 pips of loses that I bet again, and dropped another $10

    If price went down 100 pips I'd lose MAYBE $30-$50.

    Here is example.
    You must see the truth, that primary trend all the time goes down. My propositions of entrance signal are diferent than my real entering method, but I want all to have his own entrance signal.
    Method method I used here could be good with exeption of black arrow on next picture [its awful to really go down above HAS candle.
    I only want it to become reliable

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    As for me chart appears totally flat.
    Today watchingonly EJ, when beginning leading, I will take a look on other pairs.
    Open position is caried out of yestarday, SL moved to BE as possible.
    I must shut it, but I didnt care4 to about this trade as its only demo, and 10 pips SL in the begining

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    Fantastic luck with your journal partner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good luck with your journal partner.
    Thx bro

    Now getting pride, when new commerce occure.
    As revealed, range broken, go long.
    Please be awarethat if I trade using 100 SL I would never lose anything, but current profit could be 24 pips bigger.

    PS sorry for a little error in firs pic remark. I mentioned stage, in which border is busted

    And do not look at red and green buy and SL lines out of previous commerce. It's jus a demo

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    So after retracement from 1:00 am GMT I brought SL to 64 pips
    there was two nice oportunity I overlooked.
    One for shedding 10 pips out of 160.87 1:45
    Yet another nevertheless open at 160.79 2:10
    [I have decided to include long on demonion from 160.89 with SL 160.71 - maybe not exactly as a methot states, but its a demonion - I can describe to large SL with one position I didnt opened]

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    Whatever I think of greatest timeframe, I have to tell 1 thing.
    I use lower one than my favorite, because I belive, that any signal or event may hapen other than at the conclusion of actual bar.

    So - to see thetrend I enjoy 4H and 1H, so I use 15M with settings 4 times greater than I would use on 1H.

    For entrance I use5 minutes, since I trust, that 15M is enough to provide me perfect signal to entry to my trades.

    So to makeit simple. When considering 4H TF using fe 5/8 crosover, ill use 1H using 20/32 crossover, so I do not miss a signal given two hours following candle opening.
    If you prefer it, then you might adopt it as well as 1200/1920 crosover on 1M chart.
    Whatever suits you best

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    direction is not difficult to spot:
    Peak is made, where HAS turns against sHAS
    On first image you see successive peaks greater then preceding
    On second is range time indoors square, broken in the end. You can see lower , sHAS changes direction three times during one day.

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