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    Amats Progressions

    I began trading about one and a half year ago. For 200 EUR I purchased a system I was not supposed to tell anyone anything about. If I did the author would certainly know how to trace me.

    I began with indexes like the FTSE100. The system didn't quite work for me I discovered though. So I started trading on'feeling'. I knew nothing about trading. The one thing I knew was I was fond of charts and images also there was a lot of money to be produced with trading. I received an account with a company that gave the tiniest spread and so there I was, thrilled when at my very first trade my first 5 EUR came in. (I didn't use the demo for long). Chances came and went. My very first account of 150 EUR was added to regularly over the months to come. In a moment I'd lost nearly 6000 EUR. I then began all anew using an account of 600 EUR and created in no opportunity to 3000 EUR again. I was not hindered by idea's like discipline or system. The words money management didn't even exist in that order in my understanding.

    Then came May... and I didn't go away... So all wat had been won was lost again. I attempted a few times once again, only to add more to the losses. The winning was finished. Anything I did, the market always seemed to know what I had been up to. If I didn't place a halt once I had been long, the market would go complete the way down, down, down. And if I did, the market almost always seemed to know exactly where I put my stop. It came nearer just to touch it and then return again...

    After summer I started searching online for trading courses, since I felt that if I ever wanted to succeed in trading I'd have to get something similar to a system I could relie upon. So came the title of some Marc McRae. I subscribed to his classes and learned amongst other things there was some thing such as money management and it had been about numbers. So there I found myself ahead of the simple fact I was trading for over a year with no control about the money I invested at all. Effect: a reduction of nearly 10K EUR and my liquid savings gone.

    McRae had all sorts of other interesting things to tell but nothing really like a'ready made' system. He showed me the way to the world of the fast moving markets of foreign exchange as the areas where big money was made. So I started discovering the JPY and the USD etc.. Then at a moment I thought I was upto something and asked him for guie, however I got a (very quick) response from a helper of him that didn't get me much farther. So that is when I started searching for newsgroups on FX and so I discovered the Factory.

    I have to state, in these few weeks oncliqforexI've learned masses. That's why I believe I have to thank you and to congratulate everybody on this forum, because from really everybody on this forum I've learned something usefull.

    And I even found a system I feel confident with. There are lots of systems , some very complex, some very simple. For the beginning of my journey I've picked the latter. I will take off with tkimble's Component Time Wealth Building Trading System - Weekly Scalping. I like it's simplicity also I've backtested it manually in the start of this year until now in the'raw' version and till now it revealed that a weekly profit of more than 60 pips, in only 1 out of 10 months was there a reduction, of 2 pips... I'd have been happy to find a system that could provide me 5 pips a day, now, in its most simple form I discovered a system that can give me double.

    Subsequently for my MMS, the money management system, I needed to be inventive, because all of my liquid savings were gone. So I discovered a trick I do not need to start with a'big account' to start trading. I am just going to put in the minimal in my account for me moving consistently, so as the system requires. I am going to start with an account of: 47,12 EUR. If the market goes the other method of the trade, I will have to put in more. But just as much as is required to keep me moving. So, allthough I do not have an account of 500 or 1000 EUR, I will behave as if I have you. Just when the account reaches a certain degree (I believe 400 or 500) will I start doubling the'bet'. If I lose the next trade I return to trading using 1 EUR till I reach the'slumping level' and start again. So on and so on.

    If all goes well'doubling' could progress at a pace of once every two months. Now I have placed my first systematic order and await favourable winds to take me on my journey.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I wish you fortune and success on your route of investing!
    Thanks a lot WHTenn for your encouragement. May the Pips be with you.

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    I wish you luck and success on your path of investing!

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