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Thread: Whats it all about, Alfie?

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    Whats it all about, Alfie?

    I understand, I have started a number of threads with different systems.

    Forex has improved with every attempt and I am always profitable today.

    The open forum allowing input and feedback from traders will be invaluable.

    So, here we go again. Maybe we can take things to another level once again.

    This is very neat and clean. Thanks to guernica on the alf indi for hint. I have never seen anything quite like it.

    Formerly I was relying upon an ema station, a 21 sma along with an 8 ema to identify trends, entrances and exits. Alf does away for the need for all of that, and gives more precise signals.

    Initially this thread was started on systems, but I don't think it's quite ready yet. We are going to call journals dwelling for some time...

    don't hesitate to post. Welcome input, opinions, remarks....

    This is not a scalping system, there's absolutely no reason that I see that somebody could not accommodate it for scalping, but I am searching for short, medium and long-term positions.

    I love to mark the primary trend on the weekly chart so that it bleeds through to the day chart. I do so by finding where price action closes over alf for below or long alf for short and placing a color coded rectangle over the region, dark reddish for short and dark blue for longterm. This shows a color field on lower time frames.

    There are two entrance signals using alf and verifying with macd. I love to test out obv also simply to make sure there is quantity in the ideal direction. There is a 200ema on the template. I like to keep an eye on it since it acts as powerful s/r. If I look at lower time frames I search for proximity to the 200ema and also the Wood pivots, along with other s/r. Just try to find out whether there are clues, perhaps a pattern is growing, or a trendline has been analyzed. Whatever. Nevertheless, the principal sign is alf/macd.

    Entries long:
    1. In a blue field when pa closes over alf or has pulled back into alf and touched alf and then closed up and macd and indie line have crossed up. Obv supports. (continuation)
    2. ) In a red field if alf turns upward and pa action closes over alf and macd
    supports. Obv supports. (reversal)

    leaves long: (I open two positions)
    in blue or red field
    First stop on entrance for both positions is just below alf or the previous candle so if that is too
    much risk I could pass up entrance for that commerce.
    1st position after 25 pips or longer. Cease for 2nd position set b/e
    2nd position trailing stop follows alf - spread.

    For short just the reverse of long...

    That's pretty much it.

    The 1st gif is a forward test of EU on the day chart on the simulator that shows how the transactions look. The 2nd gif is the weekly chart together with all the alf crossings marked.

    I have been trading micro with exceptional outcomes.

    I don't know everything. Learning everyday. However, this is the best yet. Let's see where it belongs.

    Not accurate enough yet for an ea but it may be prepared at some stage if Taiyakixz is willing. I think that the issues we ran into with poor signals during consolidations together with the original Jivadragon may be absent or at least greatly diminished with alf. Time will tell. No stone unturned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello, excuse me but colour fiels does not seem, is an indior overlooking
    Hello, no indi missing.
    That I do manually on the weekly. It'll be different for each pair.

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    Erm,what time framework for this system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    erm,what time framework for this method?
    I indie trend using alf about the weekly
    Trade on the day chart.
    Search for at least 25 pips for initial goal...
    attempt to grab the big one....
    I'll trade anything!!!
    Lately USDTRY was fantastic. Margin a little pricey, but well worthwhile. . .USDMXN very good too. Never thought I'd be comfortable trading exotics, but they might be great.
    NZDUSD has come through, and thus has EURCHF...
    got pumped out of GU a few times so a bit too volatile for me ...

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    What should you consider confirmation?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What do you consider confirmation on OBV?

    OBV takes some getting used to. It's very subtle but once you get knowledgeable about it's very very useful.
    When there's a divergence that would make me hesitate to jump in even though it looks like a big movement is about to begin. Which means if price is going up and obv is going down.
    Or if current high for price is higher than last high but obv current high is less than preceding obv high.

    There is not any specific value like oversold/overbought etc, just an eyeball estimate of how things match up. Is the money after the move? Follow the money.

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    this system is great!
    U can earn profit of 150 to 400 per week easily if theres a big move,
    may add multiple trade as it cross alf and come back,works great^^

    The second movie's red line makes that it come back to alf and enter after proceed backadd 1 trade again. Issit like this in the rule?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this system is great!
    U can make profit of 150 to 400 in 1 week readily if theres a large move,
    may add multiple transaction when it cross alf and come back,works excellent ^^

    The second picture's red line makes it come down to alf and enter after proceed backadd 1 more trade again. Issit like this in the rule?
    It is a great system, is not it!!
    I'm astonished at how simple it really is.
    All those Wood pivot lines around the day chart can get confusing. I typically delete the indi when I am looking at week or day. I like to check Wood pivot on lesser time frames. I watch the 15 min a lot.

    No really hard and fast rules now. If it were an ea from the development that which would have to be pin-point precision. But we're manually trading right now and learning as we proceed.
    Whatever works and could be repeated can become part of a egy.

    Incidentally, anyone who will exchange USDTRY with their broker account might want to check it out. IF USDTRY breaks support and it appears highly likely over the upcoming little while, it is not like USD is about get more powerful anytime soon, there is a 3000 pip fall potential without any support in any way.

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    Q1.What stop loss you use?
    Since (picture1),it moved very high and drop back and it make me lost 89 pips

    picture two is something we ought to see,rite?
    Obv turn up,macd still down,pa to alf still just a little distance,it may be reversal.

    In the end, it amazed me again and
    I played Trade and got over 600~700 pips.
    Thats amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Q1.What stop loss you utilize?
    Since (picture1),it went very high and fall back and it make me dropped 89 pips

    picture 2 is something we should watch out,rite?
    Obv turn up,macd still down,pa to alf still just a little space,it may be reversal.

    In the long run, it surprised me again and
    I played Trade and earned over 600~700 pips.
    Thats amazing!
    Yes, which I have been watching and it appears to be more consistent.
    Say in blue zone alf turns down and pa shuts below, seem at macd does it support? Placing down, crossing, etc, what about obv, losing cash? Most likely not a retrace however the beginning of a change. Alf turning down is major occasion, alf is not volatile as with other indis, now its up now it is down, even when alf turns it is a major event and when everything else is in line, then blue zone is getting ready to turn reddish...

    I'm really excited about this. Let's see consolidations are coped with. Just about any system however crude or inaccurate can reveal nice profit in large trending market. It's the consolidations and false signals that kill the trader. I think we have the ideal mixture of pa, fashion finder (alf), and inviting indis to help keep us from consolidations.

    I trace 20 distinct pairs so if some are consolidating I will only let them work it out and trade something else which is trending.

    Happy to see you enjoying the possibility here. Welcome aboard.

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