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Thread: Whats it all about, Alfie?

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    USDTRY is the one to see. Had 2 places in a different account, maybe not mt4. Nice...
    should be good shorting opps all of the way to 1.150!!!

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    Next goal 1.3560 the 200ema on the monthly....700 pips or so...
    awaiting great entrance. .

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    USDTRY has a lot more to go but having broken strong support that the descent has started would expect some retracing back to old service today resistance, but not crucial. The move south is indeed strong.

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    It's simple to trade now, since risk is on and USD is down the hopper....
    But I'm treated. For certain. Trade with the trend just...
    Caught a few pips NZDUSD

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    This could be the start of something big.
    EU coming off a double bottom.
    Up tendency supported on weekly.
    Only problem is Europe is so haywire.
    Never know when a European central bank will drop a economic bomb. Seems like the worst of this news might be out.
    Entered long will look for long entries on the way.

    It could be what makes trading that the exotics like USDTRY and USDMXN so fine is that there is only 1 side for news. It's not like Turkey and Mexico are creating statements every couple of hours. So it's actually a USD narrative. Their savings do not influence the world trade scenario in a very big way. They are not at the news.

    So It's a USD trade. Much like USD vs. gold.

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    Day knock out. 272 pips.
    Now that I have more or less, defeated the temptation to trade against the major trend, the results are still there.
    Just how difficult it is to get to the point of not jumping in because it looks good.
    So stubborn to understand the lesson. A thousand times burnt by placing my hands in the fire and not studying. What kind of intellect can that be! The lesson is heard.
    The other portion of the lesson is to not trade if the market is not moving.
    For some reason the desire to only maintain a trade has some magical drawing power to it. Like an addict to the hooked substance or behaviour, although it makes no sense at all to do this and has cost so much capital from repeatedly doing this.
    What is the taste there? It is adrenalin addiction.
    Anyway these things are moving away.
    Just how sweet the flavor of 272 pips all at the direction of major trends, not without having to tolerate a little drawdown in some of the trades. But no losses.
    I have much more capital to trade with tomorrow.
    I open the trade, have exits all calculated, set the limits and stops. Go away in the trading table. Return in two hours collect the pips. As long as the principal trend is in tact the place could stay open. For this egy it is the trend that is weekly.
    A third and equally devastating bad habit, always an issue.... Is carrying too many positions for the amount of margin required.
    Learning how to swim signifies not battling the water.
    Getting better everyday in every way...

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    that I truly don't have any uncertainty that USDTRY is visiting the 200ema about the monthly chart.
    I'd really like to keep the position in there without going in and out, but it's challenging to ride out retracements.
    Not enough funds to open more than 1 position USDTRY, margin is pricey for the pair, and that's what is usually done. Open two positions, shut one after a decent run and let another ride to attempt and stay in for the duration of the trend.
    So perhaps it's unrealistic to think of leaving the 1 position in. I know when I see nice gains I don't wish to lose them, and even the possibility of a reduction, as anything can happen forex.
    So perhaps not yet. If I could manage to open two positions in this account that would solve the issue. I'd feel satisfied at having taken profits on first position and relax and enjoy the free ride on the 2nd position with a stop someplace beyond break even.
    So not yet, I figure. I'd need two positions to do it. Not yet. But that's certainly the way to do it.

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    Just as I believed USDTRY is retracing probably up near 200ema weekly 1.4428 and possibly above small bit, consolidate and then the plunge to monthly 200ema 1.3590.
    Captured the final of the drawback for just a small while. 10 and out.
    NZDUSD was put up well for more upside but I hesitated and instead took long position EURUSD. It'll be okay eventually, long term trend is up, but stalling out here and who knows just how much retracing. 61 fib next resistance obv is quite strong positive.
    While NZD shot up well for what could have been some quick gains.

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    Hello, excuse me but color fiels doesn't appear, is an indior missing

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