Chibas Trix/ADX and EMA trading journal
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Thread: Chibas Trix/ADX and EMA trading journal

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    No longer trading using ADX and the Trix Using EMA's

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    Ok....per my monitoring

    and for all u newbies that are tired and happen to come across this journal...

    you must must must must must must must

    await ema's to come from consildation and adx agreeing PLUS trix cross on the 5m.

    THEN....go to the 1m. In case the adx is in tact, as well as the trix about the 1m crosses near zero over 6 minutes or so of if the 5m cross (obviously, same direction)....take th commerce. This is the sure fire commerce. These are the trades where should you wait out these and accept these trades NON STOP, you'll win 70% of the time regardless of s/r and the lot.

    1m trades coming from a compression and adx and trix in full agreement aren't sure fire trades. They can fail.

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    Sir, who the heck will post in my diary ? It's just me and you. And then in the end, just me dude.

    Post away!

    anyways per my observation....the 5m MUST agree. Then pops out to the 1m chart on the entrance. HOPEFULLy. . .it wll occur within 10 minutes .

    I just took a eur/usd exchange for 23pips. The 5m worked out. However, it took 13 minutes prior to the 1m agreed.

    I was very skeptical as I was telling pips r usso I only took 1 mini lot (1 usd per pip).

    no regrets though. As I am still very new and learning.

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    I am drunk from guiness and going to sleep. Good night.

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    ah! Another trading day. Where's your picture rohule?

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    Exactly what the hell's up with that? Thing spiked for no reason. No new, nothing.

    mother.... fulkdafjsklfjasdfjaksdasdf

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    asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdsdasdfa sdfasdfasdfasd

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    gbp/usd now.

    wiating. Is that damn m5 going to cross?

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    At first I was going to throughout the charts appearing at the adx on all three tf's about the pipware charts.

    Then I thought I might undergo every chart on screen and look at the 1m trix.

    But I think looking at the 5m trix is the best method to get there on time. It means the trade, may or might not happen. Should it, I will take it sometime over the coming 15 minutes when the trix crosses on the 1m too. The 5m and 1m trix May cross at the exact same time. LOOK FOR THE 5M TRIX TO CROSS FIRST. That the 1m either does it at the exact same time....or soon to follow along (within 15 minutes)

    should you waste too much time studying ema's and assessing additional stuff, your brain is begging na get fried pretty soon.

    Look for 5m trix to cross. Examine the 1m trix to see if there's any possibility it may cross over the next 1015 minutes.
    If it is possible, then look at the adx setup (it is on the exact same screen anyways).
    Then look at the ema's on tf15, tf5, tf1.

    This is the only work flow I can think of, if your doing so for extended periods everyday, without frying your brain...

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