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Thread: Harrys Trading Journal $400 or Bust!

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    Harrys Trading Journal $400 or Bust!

    Well here we have it, below is my trading weekly ending 24.01.10. My starting balance was $386 approx.

    I have been trading FOREX for about 12 months mainly on demonion. Just going to try and spin up a very small account, may add to it later - see how we get on.

    I exchange only using a 200MA, RSI indior and multiple fibs. Mainly trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY - I watch all of timescales for my entries.



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    I do not trade on fundamentals at all even though I understand them quite nicely. I find the calling the price moment from fundamentals / news hard.

    But what the hell happened at 18.00-19.00 GMT now?

    The spread at ODL Markets on EUR/JPY started to 35 pips and the price Began to fluctuate by around 50 up and down. My short and long limit trades tried to start but just the brief managed it using the price going north! Standard!

    Managed to exchange myself out of it that was a little dangerous in the risk perspective but I am confident with my entry points.

    Anyone know what the news was?


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    Another week over and still in the game. It is actually a shame the USA are considering moving to a 10:1 max retail leverage. I admit that in an ideal world I want to trade no longer than 5:1 leverage but unless you would like to risk a lot of cash at first - which I don't have any interest in you must start little!!!!! Either that or commerce micro's and who wishes to do that???

    Thank god im from the UK together with my 100:1 and when I can continue to cultivate my account I will trade in the region of 5:1 sooner or after - lol.

    Anyhow here are my trades for the week, ideally some good installments coming on the euro shortly!!!

    My account has now realised 100% profit.


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    Moving slower now because of not as trading time but managed a good trade today for 60 pips.

    Eyeing long chances at approx 1.3505 about the EUR/USD, Think a good target price for extended on the USD/JPY are in the area of 90.35 for maybe 60-80 pips. Really like USD/JPY it goes nicely.



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    Have been searching on USD/JPY this week and last at approx 89.35, my buy limit missed today by means of pip. Cost me about 30 pips.

    Have been on the lookout for shorts around EUR/USD at about 1.4250, doesn't look like its getting there any time soon. I am pretty much USD bullish but would have to receive the ideal prices.


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