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Thread: EURUSD Semi-Automated Journal by a_trader

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    EURUSD Semi-Automated Journal by a_trader

    iv chose to open a journal to help with subject

    my entrances are automated, my exits are manual
    I pick the trend, if long fashion, I buy every time a pub shuts under 10ema-open

    I try to allow my first trade run, I scalp the other trades

    I typically exchange ny session, I woke up 4 hours early now

    now I decided to go long
    heres my results so far

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    I started the 2nd trade, then price went against mepersonally, I closed 1 commerce

    il patiently wait before I pick my next move
    I place my ea termed none on the chart
    it doesnt trade

    about 10 percent of this time, eu will undo after the initial hour, this could be one of them times, maybe not?

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    I shut my last trade on the pull back
    differently was gonna exit below the fat red line

    iml take a break, maybe even a rest

    maybe later the trend will be clear again
    im up over 1% today

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    my biggest difficulty is patience, patience and thinking I understand what the market will do
    it proves me wrong all the time, I don't know

    I put my long ea back on the chart, iml eat some breakfast to wake up

    generally 4-6 hrs staring at a chart is all I could handle

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    I generally never buy high like this, however after viewing h4 daily, I believe we can move up a long ways, so I jumped into

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    usually I would wait to get heiken ashi to turn red
    because I entered large, and iv had a excellent day, I felt the need to exit

    we are now in a resistance areah, il buy again if a pub closes below the 10 ema

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    As you can see, I have alot of discretion within my conclusions

    my mind changes quickly, and often, such as the market

    a couple of minutes ago I thought it could go way, now im thinking it wont
    I pretty much follow my gut, most of the time it works out

    I created this journal to find out if it would help me trade my plan better
    so much it hasnt much effects

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    Im likely done for now, I may still scalp some longs

    the majority of the time after a move this big, its best to stop
    itl likely range, it might even retrace, maybe the entire movement

    dont try to ch huge moves after a huge movement

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    iv got some things I should go do, so im done for today

    today I made 1.48percent

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