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Thread: Dannys Trading Journal

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    Dannys Trading Journal

    Now's trade from the EUR - I entered long at about 6AM CST having noted the 510 period EMA crossover, bullish oscillators and bullish trend about the three hour chart...I scaled and out around 1.4535 and was able to remain long for the movement around 1.4580. . .note I nearly got shaken out of the transaction a couple of times prior to the upmoved happened (pink sell arrows)...

    I think the capacity to climb out and in is really key at entries like this (my egy is if you first get into your trade, to begin scaling out as soon as it seems as if you may be incorrect, limiting your downside risk, and also to increase the place as it goes your way).

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    The 5 and 10 interval EMA crosses worked well giving 3 trades - got a little chopped on the first and failed to take profits early . . .the next two exercised....50% Fib retracement about the hourly rate at 1.4643 came to play, and we saw that the bullish 50 and 200 ema bullish crossover on the hourly rate. End result: 40 pips

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    Euro rocked up this morning - I entered long at around 7:15 - there wasn't to heat on the downside in this trade, and my departure was simply based on having reached a target amount of pips for the day. Was out late last night so will wrap the trading week up a little early now. End result for the day 27 pips.

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    Now's trading: about 7AM CST entered off bullish EMA cross - RSI was not able to cross 50 - got a bit chopped here costing me about 8 pips. . .entered long at 1.4623 off bullish divergence between RSI and price....EUR spiked up and we obtained bullish confirmation with EMA cross and RSI eventually crossing its 50 center line....exited the long in the 50% level and then the 61.8percent fib level. End result: 20 pips. Calling it a day.

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    Got short around 7AM CST off an interior bar breakout - not got the anticipated follow through was forced from this commerce. Later got off bearish EMA cross - that trade worked out and I took profits ancient. Eventually, he took a small position off the bullish EMA cross and was able to grab a few pips. Net result: 2 pips

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    Launched positioning myself long this morning off support amounts over the longer term charts - RSI was also oversold there. . .stayed out to the CPI release but got back shortly after. . .got bullish confirmation from the EMA cross and RSI and tentatively was looking for price to reach the 50 on the 15 minute chart, took a while but it reached there and blew through it...I was lucky enough to have been long from a good price so remaining in it was not that hard. Net effect: 40 pips.

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    Got long this morning off expectation of the 5 and 10 EMA cross, got confirmation from RSI crossing 50. Scaled out and was apartment for First Claims at 7:30. Web reslut: 14 pips. Wrapping it up early now, led to meet Jack Broz of the Marlin Letter down at the CBOT.

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    I believe now was the toughest day for me personally at the last two weeks, but there was also a boatload of opportunity. Today I relied on momentum reversals more than the EMA crosses for entries. The upmoves were very violent - not surprising considering we are near record highs.

    Did one final trade looking for a little bounce off the intraday 50 level and it was great for a couple of pips.

    Net Effect: 14 pips. A excellent weekend to everyone

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    Launched getting long the EUR a little after 6AM CST off bullish momentum and expected EMA cross. Received confirmation from the 5 and 10 span EMA cross and RSI crossing 50. Nice blank upmove for about 40 pips - exited while RSI hit 70 nearly entering overbought territory.

    Tried to re-enter the long at 50% of the upmove, yet this level collapsed - continued to place myself long and exited at the end of the European/US overlap session. Net Effect: 31 pips.

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    Tried taking a dip at the EUR/CHF today - curious concerning this pair as the spread is much smaller compared to the EUR/USD - maybe not quite as volatile as the EUR/USD but it's a good average range. This pair will work well for your EMA Cross/RSI system I have been focusing on. Effect: 16 pips.

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