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    Road Runners Trading Journal

    I am starting this diary to just record my transactions, post occasional charts, and hopefully share constructive dialogue with others.

    I can not say that anything I have learned up to the point regarding trading approaches is my very own. It's come from other people which have been generous and patient enough to share there own adventures, both here oncliqforexas well as a couple of different sites,

    I am not here to turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 in record breaking time, nor am I'm here to boost my own self. I just want to monitor my own progress and freely voice my own ideas without imposing on anyone else's thread.

    I have been trading Stocks, Options, and more recently Forex for more than 7 decades. I have blown a couple of live accounts, I have doubled a stay account and then blown it. I have done extremely well trading presentation, and I have had more breakthroughs and aha moments than I could remember. All of this stubbornness and persistence has cost me thousands of dollars over time, but it gradually worked me down to the point at which I was only just tired of everything, it was just way too stressful.

    Earlier this season , I re-activated my $500 account and corrected my lot dimension to 2,500 from 10,000, also traded just 1 lot at a time (25 cents per pip). This was. It enabled me to finely trade and assess every trading scenario with a level head. I was trading price action on the 5M charts with adequate success, logging and studying each commerce, figuring out what my best probabilities were during specific hours of the afternoon. I am in California, so that I miss lots of the most busy trading hours. I haven't switched my account to 6 figures yet, but I have managed not to dismiss this, and have steadily increased the balance during the past 6-7 months.

    I really do want to be certain to note 1 thread in particular which has been truly helpful recently. It has really brought it all together for me and I am truly thankful for the wisdom and expertise shown by Graeme, what he's done in the ribbon is priceless. A number of the entrance's I now make are based on and managed together with the millipede method he's teaching, but a few also are not, so I won't attempt to outline or explain it here, as I am not qualified to do so, and will likely take action a dis-service. Below is the link, it is a bit of reading, but well worth it:

    So, with this having been said, at the conclusion of the afternoon, I have gained confidence in my own without having to be correct all the time, and I have learned to trade in a fashion that suits me and enables me to have a level head. I am hoping to continue on with increased success, minus the unnecessary stress.

    Best Regards,


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    This was just another profitable week, but not by far. I believed myself trying to prematurely predict the market turn, thus not managing and taking the trades appropriately. I also held on to winning positions longer than normal attempting to ch the shed, but instead breaking . The lesson learned this week has been respond to the current price movement rather than attempting to forecast when and where it will happen.

    I also tested a new system this week in the Systems Thread. It did well, and is a good addition to what I am currently doing, it's just requires a little bit of patience since the entries are few and far between.

    I am getting used to the new account size, but am still not prepared to place larger trades, I am finding placing many smaller orders keeps me in the relaxed mode I need to be in to trade.

    I hope to finally outline my egy either here under my System thread this week.



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    Last nights trade was discontinued for -10, unfortunately I was sleeping as it jumped to scale back up.

    I managed to have a brief in first thing this morning that ran for 100.

    Produced an attempt at a Few longs across the way for -10ish total.

    Currently my only open position is long at 3773. If price breaks upward I shall look to place my SL to break and try to add another long position. I'll also look for a brief position around 3850 when I am around.

    Edit: As I was writing this I was stopped out of my sole open position for -9. I'll continue to search for long opportunities.

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    Here are the Current Transactions, in same order as Bought:

    Short at 3785 18
    Long at 3752 10
    Long at 3783 -5
    Short at 3772 100
    Long at 3682 BE
    Long at 3686 BE
    Short at 3699 BE
    Long at 3692 98
    Short at 3716 -5
    Long at 3716 BE
    Short at 3733 BE
    Short at 3760 -10
    Short at 3775 -5
    Long at 3772 Open

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    Here Is a Listing of today's trade, Just 2 still Available:

    S3719 48
    B3685 -30
    S3681 13
    B3663 -8
    B3671 -7
    B3661 BE
    B3663 BE
    B3642 OPEN
    B3658 BE
    S3663 OPEN

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    Both of yesterday's trades closed out in BE, placed a few more late last night as well as some this morning, here's the update:

    B3612 35
    B3608 44
    S3724 41
    S3722 39
    B3670 18
    B3673 OPEN

    I'm showing 1 minute chart now, as this is the way I pinpoint most of my trades. I'll post a conclusion of week summary a bit later.

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    The profit for this week is 476 pips.

    I'm really gaining confidence in this low-risk high reward means of trading, it has truly brought it all together for me. I'm discovering that piling my positions against tendency lines and/or S/R lines works very nicely, especially if consolidation occurs. It enables me to build up several positions with a very tight stop loss. Approximately half of this time that I am able to move my stop to break even, the other half cause 10-20 pip losses. My goal is to get 100 pips per position, although I do take profits sooner should I believe price is not likely to go further. I have two separate accounts, one for going long on EU the other short EU. This enables me to have positions open on both ends, and assists me plogically separate every position and take action as its own thing. The truth is, I don't have any idea which way price is headed, but reacting to PA, Trend Lines and S/R on multiple time frames using tight stops allow me to ch any movement in any event.

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    I've been away on a mini-vaion that previous couple of days. Placed 1 commerce yesterday and three today, all which are still available.

    A bit of an update on my own trading. I will try and begin leaving more details of my transactions in notes. I have been doing very nicely, but I will be attempting to limit the amount of trades I make to no more than 1 short and 1 long in a specified hour between 8:00am PST and 11:30 PST. I'm discovering that the amount of trades I'm making are really unnecessary, I would have achieved the same outcomes, or rather close with half of the transactions over the last few weeks.

    Trade 1
    Long: 3498 in 9:25am, Nov 16
    Profit Target: 3598
    Stop Loss: SL just below earlier days near, will adjust to today's at the end.
    Notes: First 1M PA after hours close

    Trade two
    Short: 3544 at 9:16am, Nov 17
    Profit Target: 3444
    Stop Loss: SL TBD at conclusion daily bar close.
    Notes: 15M PA - SL TBD at conclusion of daily bar (or at top of PA) Putting this to BE for a little, looking very bullish if breaks out in Asian semester.

    Trade 3
    Long: 3533 in 9:27am, Nov 17
    Profit Target: 3633
    Stop Loss: SL TBD at conclusion of 4H bar. Update: set to 3505
    Notes: 1M PA - Cont. Exchange

    Trade 4
    Long: 3525 at 10:09am, Nov 17
    Profit Target: 3625
    Stop Loss: 3505
    Notes: IB on 15M

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    Yesterday's Results:
    Trade 1: 100
    Trade 2: -25
    Trade 3: 100
    Trade 4: 100

    Today's Notes:
    Because I really don't begin trading until after 8:00am PST, I guess it would be beneficial to begin organizing my thoughts on the market before beginning. I will post a couple of charts with trend lines and SR points to the day. I am trying to find longs from the 3500 area based on PA.. Would be great to ch a bounce off of the 1H trend line. Possible short opportunity at a bounce off the 15M trend line. Will also be searching for shorts in the 3821 line indied on the 1H chart. I'm also considering yesterday's Daily high of 3564 as an SR stage and an opportunity for longs.

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    I put 4 trades now, two of which are still available and have a profit target of 100 each:

    Trade 1
    Long: 3594 at 8:21am, Nov 18
    Profit Goal: 3694
    Stop reduction: BE, changed into 3613
    Notes: First 5M PA later hours near, 5M IB busted, looked strong on 1M PA
    Result: OPEN

    Trade two
    Brief: 3638 at 9:16am, Nov 18
    Profit Goal: 3538
    Stop reduction: BE, transferred to 3628
    Notes: First 1M PA later hours close
    Result: 10

    Trade 3
    Long: 3628 at 10:13am, Nov 18
    Profit Goal: 3728
    Stop Loss: 3613
    Notes: First 1M PA later hours close
    Result: OPEN

    Trade 4
    Brief: 3618 at 11:10am, Nov 18
    Profit Goal: 3518
    Stop Loss: 3628
    Notes: First 5M IB
    Result: -10

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