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Thread: Reminiscences of an alcoholic college student

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    Reminiscences of an alcoholic college student

    Being getting quite bored trading, so I have decided to begin this diary! We will see where it goes.

    Just a little bit about the way I trade: I do not use any indiors in any way. I will use some trend lines or legitimate and plausible chart patterns (HS, flags, double shirt, etc).

    My trading success will be as a result of strict money management, stiff stop losses (I really like the hedging stop loss egy that Jacko talked about in his thread), and finally long term trend trading. I will be seeing EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and also some other applicable crosses.

    Less or more I have a limitation on reduction, while letting profits operate on...which theoretically sets you from the green.

    (Ill risk 5% max each trade, yea I know its a little much, however I'm trading on a bankroll obtained mostly from trading, and as a school student, I will sustain bigger risks because of my nearly non-existent Financial duties )

    I'm using 50:1 leverage and trading mini-lots. Bankroll is hovering around 21k.

    Don't hesitate to come post anything you like, criticize, comment, anything! I would especially like feedback on my risk please come post....seasoned traders and newbie's alike!

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    Seeking in order for this to go much higher as I enjoy the rest of 21.3 which will be the 2008 high. . .and this is why I have not corrected the stop loss higher.

    If silver ends up moving back down and hitting stop loss, I would not want to maintain the trade anyway.

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    Good job Unknown
    I did not find somebody that send prospective choices , keep moving on

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    This thread should wind up being dead in terms of trades posted, since I really don't see the motive to day commerce. . .it is just something that simply doesn't work for me as a person. .

    Hence, conversation on different topics is encouraged!

    Imaginary prop bets, betting on upcoming UConn sports games (yea I move to Univ. of Conn. up at Storrs)...

    Conversation about gaming. . .gambling and cash....gambling, cash, and women....gambling, cash, women, and alcohol. . .also welcome

    Ultimately, I'm not here to impress anyone, hurt feelings, burnout, sell you bubkiss, or slip 3m and run off to lala land

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    Thx for stopping in!

    I'm confused with your post. I am not trading options. That pic is from my broker at I'm simply holding silver contracts for outrageous rollover fees...I'm really in the process of shing to Oanda at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good job Unknown
    I didn't see somebody that ship prospective options here, keep going on

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    Sending a friend of mine to play EPT London on September 29th 2010...

    I've 5% of his action at the poker game.

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    Can you use any other time eyeglasses or do you merely examine the daily? I want to trade with pure price action also I'm just confused about time frames. Lots of people on here say you have to examine the weekly or anything is just one above your time frame to find out what the trend is. Can you do some of this? Can you take a look at the 4 hour or 1hour to fine tune your entrance or do you keep all of your focus on the daily and not anything else? Thanks!

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    Use W1 and M1, it's a lot simpler and easier to trade from those time frames. 4h can be fine but when beginning, I'd concur that the higher time frames are a lot easier on the emotions.

    It has been said that money is lost once you enter and exit a trade. So sitting at a longer term trend can be the best way to go.

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    Last time the BOJ attempted to intervene in its currency was 2004. They ended up failing to maintain U/J above 115. . .and they will end up failing.

    Something far larger than the BOJ is needed to flip U/J around and block it from falling farther.

    Historically, intervention has not worked, why should today be any different?

    I'll Be sitting on the sidelines waiting the BOJ out. U/J should become a sitting duck with what ought to be some exceptionally predictable moves in the coming years.

    will cover here.

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    Just got the notice - new leverage in america is capped at 50:1 for the majors, 20:1 for the more exotic pairs, and non-US accounts are prohibited

    I welcome these changes. . .if I cannot manage my mm. . .at least the f***ing CFTC can do it for me!

    Im not really paying attention to what's going on here CFTC-wise, but was a lot of talk about a 10:1 cap. Not sure if this will wind up going down, but this shouldn't affect mepersonally, but it does seem like it'd make things somewhat tight.

    Gl all

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