Have I got this the wrong way?
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Thread: Have I got this the wrong way?

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    Have I got this the wrong way?

    I thought I'd try to trade the calendar occasions.
    Just today, the USD posted results, better than expected, green to the calendar. My believing, USD should go up.... yes? So I went short on the cable. (USD up ... therefore GBP down).

    Why did it go up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Your position may still wind up being appropriate.
    Too late... it ceased out!

    Do not worry though. I'm just dream trading in the minute... and learning lots....At least I should be. They say that you learn from the mistakes... I'm making plenty of these!!!

    I thought the idea was to jump on the news fast... Maybe not.

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    The reason why the price pushed like this was since there was a lot of buying going on. The big players don't want to move the markets from themselves because they enter, as many will climb in because of big size and liquidity restraints. Since the price starts going up, all the shorts are currently liquidating, providing liquidity to those who are interested in being long, and began buying on the down movement. Many large traders are aware of what they're likely to do well before the news breaks. This can be a cute game.

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    But did it go up? .... And it's still going up.

    Certainly, with all those statements at 1330 GMT, it should have gone down. .... Or have I got this completely wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    But why did it go up? .... And it.

    Surely, with all those statements at 1330 GMT, it ought to have gone . .... Or have I got this completely wrong?
    You're assuming there's a terminal and logical cause and effect between economic indiors and price. It's an assumption that is wrong.

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    Maybe I should stick to the lottery.

    At least I'll have a 1:14,000,000 chance of winning.... Those odds look better, do not you believe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Perhaps I should stick with the lottery.

    At least I will have a 1:14,000,000 chance of winning.... Those odds look better, do not you believe?
    Absolutely Once You take a gamblers approach to trading... you May Want to try black jack better odds

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    absolutely once you choose a gamblers way of trading...
    I did not think I'd... but it is starting to look that way.

    I coldly watched the news, and traded logically.... Nonetheless, it seems to defy logic.

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    I don't mean to be hard but first you need to develop a plan (system) examine your system become persistent. . Then take it reside (micro mini) walk your way up the ladder to success.

    Take your time set realistic goals

    trade smart

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    I'm still planning.

    I have been trying lots of different methods. . With success. I have noticed everything gets trashed by news events. ... So I thought I'd try to play them to my benefit. ... but that does not seem to work either.

    ....there has to be a way.

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