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Thread: Average Daily Range Table (ADR)

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    Average Daily Range Table (ADR)

    Hi All,

    I have been asked to post every day ADR, and it just so happens (ta-daa) I have just such a thing:
    simple to read/interpret. Column 1 is yesterdays Range, Two (red) is that the 5 day average and Three (Blue) is the 10 day average.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is fine, will you be inclined to talk about this? Can I find this chart live so I can move the bar and find AUDJPY? Thanks!
    I see AUD/JPY is on there. Yesterday range at 93, 5 day in 110, and 10 day in 97 pips.

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    Oh, yes it is. It is towards the base, and I just understood you will post this chart on a daily basis, which explains why the static picture. thanks!

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    Nice small thingy HP - Can I thow off my notebook and pen?

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    Good morning,
    If some one of you wondered why you had a bit of a rubbish day on the pairs ...

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    Interesting table - is it available to the public or have you compiled it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting table - is it available to the public or have you compiled it ?
    Hi fxdm1. Its self-compiled, since I use to plot the actual ranges on my chart and also utilize different levels as targets when in a transaction. I will show a grab so you can see how it seems. We are aware that a currency has over an 80% chance of hitting its own 75 percent ADR so its useful to see when this occurs and how much price is from this stage. Will post todays table in a new message. I dont mind doing this daily and it merely updates at midnight anyway so its not a reside demand. I am at my desk most of the time anyway if anyone needs it shipped to them?

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    Todays Table; 13/03/2014 - If you would like a pair I do not have displayed, please just ask and I shall include it.

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