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Thread: Your own HOLY Grail (and how you know youve found it)

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    This is to all of traders fighting out there.

    There are 3 types of people in the world.

    Type 1. Someone is told not overtrade, overleverage, and is told to stay preoccupied, use money management and follow a plan. This person becomes and listens a profitable trader.

    Type 2. This man is told all the above and he decides he's going to blow a few accounts and learn the hard way and finally after getting burned he changes his ways and becomes more profitable.

    Type 3. This man despite being told continues to loose cash and does not wish to demonion or stick to a very simple plan and jumps around. Despite all the purposeful information he disregards ends and that his life never being able to trade efficiently.

    Now consider yourself and egory you are in. The 1st group of folks are really few. I personally am in the 2nd class. And I believe most of you are. I've been on the internet through all the crap. I've jumped from system to system and attempted to find the holy grail. I'm guessing most are like me. The need to get burned by the flame to realize that I am not going to place my hand in there again. The folks on the next group are there the other two could earn money from them. (I know it seems harsh but its true.)

    Let me tell you something. Regardless of what you hear or read and also If I go on telling you about discipline and cash management it won't get through your thick skull. I understand it didn't get through mine in the two years I've been fighting.

    You will go trading this system and that system and whoring yourself using various systems but will never be fulfilled. You are addicted but keep selling out yourself to whatever new system is in the block asserting to generate income. When you're out of cash you get withdrawal symptoms and also sell more of your self out. It's a vicious never ending cycle till it bleeds you dry.

    Straight back to the point. However much you read and listen to it won't sink in till you want it to. However, let me tell you something. When it does you will understand.
    After jumping around I found a very simple egy which I kept coming back to again and again. However, I kept looking for the holy grail. The thing is I finally settled down and started trading using that easy egy.

    Why would you think that even students of a specific teacher trade the system otherwise than that they learnt it from? Its because of identity. We are individuals and no two people are alike. Give two people the same system and they will trade otherwise.

    The core point being You will know when you have found your HOLY GRAIL!

    You will have a understanding that you have been running across and the profitable system you wanted to trade was so straightforward and why you hadn't thought of it earlier. I can talk for myself when I say that my whole mindset flipped around within a few months. I realized I didn't have to be in a trade all of the opportunity to make money, I didn't need to trade 20 pairs to earn money. All I needed to do would be to await My edge.

    I sincerely hope this was helpful for some out there. And the best wishes and I hope you find your border soon (Your private Holy grail).

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    Yeah, I'm am going to be type 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yeah, I am going to be type 1
    lol wish you best of luck.

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    As type 2.

    What do you mean alter manner I mean in what way?

    over leveage?

    If this is case I won't change it.

    Now only I have problem to trust my indior to hold the transaction longer. By understanding what is my max. Stop loss is. You will feel better on your trade.

    Minute of 4 pips profit I could got 50 pips profit

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    I'm still sticking to be n1, but I'm frightened of being a true case of beginners luck at the moment... let us find out if I found my ideal tool and this fantastic streak lasts for me!

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    This is what I think. Irrespective of the 'type' of trader you envision yourself to be, with no personal holy grail so to speak, you are dead in the water. In order to be good money trading, you need to be right a great majority of the time. How frequently depends on your target pips versus your stop loss pips. If decide to trade a little timeframe for instance less than the hour like the 5m 15m or god forbid 1m then you have to be right nearly 100% of the time because you can't profit sufficient to pay for disperse and loss and still profit ve when your go for state 10 pips using a 12 pips sl.
    Anyone who says that this will work to you is lying.

    For example, say you have your small setup yanking the charts and you also see where it is possible to get in and ch 10 pips and get out; you put your SL at 10 that provides you a 1:1 ratio. Once you get in this kind of commerce, how frequently do you think price will only say YES SIR and - mind your way - exactly the moment you pull on the trigger? I promise you it won't be that frequently. So you get in and price decides it wants to proceed from you 15 pips... well you just got stopped out.

    On the other hand say you've studied a set where you are able to take trades on the 4HR charts. On 4HR chart a scalp would be 60 to 80 pips (or more) profit but your stop loss may be as low as 25 to 35 pips. So you get in and provided you're careful to enter at the right time, price might go from you 10 to 20 pips but as you are on the greater timeframe you have a much greater prospect of riding out the temporary tide against you and your profit margin will be much higher letting you profit considerably easier after paying spreads, comissions (if your broker fees them) and profit profits.

    But even with this, it's still necessary to have a system that works literally 90 percent of their time or more! Otherwise the best you can hope for would be to have pleasure cracking even and never realizing our goals of freedom by trading.

    Good Ol Joe

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    The character of trading and markets generally is not the surroundings a kind 1 would generally seek out. I understand quite a few type 1 personalities and when I approached them about trading that they all said no. Too risky. These are big time commercial property developers.

    Truthfully, by a risk stand point the one man said at the end of the day I could see/touch/stand on my investment. I could be directly engaged with the process of the plan, implementation, of the job hands on and make an impact. With markets I can plan a transaction but then it's 100 percent out of my hands anyhow where/when I get in and out.

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    Found mine. . .it was the mindset.

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    As it can be used to trade to make some consistent profit over the Weeks and over the years

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