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Thread: Grid (not grid system) or horizontal lines indior

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    Grid (not grid system) or horizontal lines indicator

    I am looking for an indior that makes horizontal lines each 'n' pips.
    I find that Metatrader already reveals a grid, which is sort of what I am looking for. But in if you proceed, MT, the grid stays in place.
    I am looking for horizontal lines so I can see the movement of price in this reference.
    The problem I've had is that when I look for grid I get only results for grid progr.
    I am just looking for a few horizontal lines drawn.

    For instance:
    Horizontal lines each 20 pips.
    I'd guess that in that sort of indior you could specify the price value to begin with (i.e. 1.3000) along with the amount of lines down and up (so they're not infinite).

    Does anybody know if there's this indior?

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    should you prefer that you might also enjoy this one. I believe Xard777 is the author but I'm not 100% sure.

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    Thank you very much!
    It works wonderful.

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    I think, if you include horizontal lines manually which would be a lot better and fix! Yes, I also use horizontal lines and fashion lines also in my trading for better understanding market trend! Besides, I'm also busy on news session.

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    You will find several.

    Look for sweetspots indior, grid.

    Here's the one I use.

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