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Thread: My special journal for GJ 4H

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    My special journal for GJ 4H

    Hello fellow traders,

    After performing a comprehensive study I then draw the conclusion that the only way to win in the Foreign Exchange market would be to accept all of losing trades as part of the winning procedure. I will start this journal that each and every buddy who follows this signal will triumph at the end of November 2018 and so on until the cash is sufficient to fulfill all his/her needs.

    Losing and winning will alternately give results so sometimes we will hesitate to make a trade but we must follow each accessible signal because we don't know what's going to happen next.

    Why GJ? Since this pair is often trending therefore it matches the way I implemented.

    Happy trading

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Additionally, I see that horizontal support at 150,53 coincides with the daily pivot R1, which might help it become a stronger support. We have had two successive days where the daily highest and lowest were 157pips and 187pips on last Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Possibly, by the fundamentals all of the news has been discounted in the price.
    Bro, your analysis is great, it is true it is extremely difficult for the market to change management on the first day (April 17) because many traders think it is a profit-taking procedure and they expect the market to go back up but now we enter the 4th day. Please listen to this daily chart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote This is precisely what I mean (image): image
    That is right and that is why I use a 4 hour timeframe instead of an hour so I do not bother to see up and down movements.

    Your chart is amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Buy Limitation @ 152,300 Goal @ 153,600 Cease loss @ 152,150 Volume $560 Happy trading
    Loss 15 pips

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    We don't have to wait for Monday April to get started. We can start now.

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    Buy @ 152,253
    Target @ 153,453
    Cease loss @ 151,753
    Volume $540

    Joyful trading

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    13.00 Jakarta time

    No valid sign

    This is the attractiveness of the forex world, very expected and very eagerly awaited but occasionally disappointing. We ignore it and don't expect it ends up that the sign gives big profit .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Judging from this signal and by the current price, I think maybe the signal has been correct..probably the SL was overly short/small. Right now pair is trending downward as stated previously image
    Great mornings friends,

    I was sleeping when GJ fell 150 pips but there wasn't any valid signal that appeared at 21:00 hence so I went to sleep.

    Concerning the stop loss that is too small I could give an explanation it's a component of my egy, it's been proven earlier that stop loss ought to be restricted and the target ought to be as large as you can.

    Joyful trading

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    Sell @ 148,057
    Target @ 146,300
    Discontinue loss @ 148,600
    Volume $590

    Joyful trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No no no, I don't give any importance to dual tops bottoms, HS and so on, I simply signal them to get information ! The only important thing for me is what the current price is performing relative to the recent past in a particular time frame, my preferred being the 1h. Consequently, if price is creating a new high, it is becoming more powerful and we should buy and whether or not it creates a new low it is becoming poorer and we should market and this is quite the opposite to what a lot of folks do when trying pick a bottom or top or looking at a indior that states oversold...
    This is what I mean, it is quite good explanation, thank you so much bro.

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