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    * I Exchange with All the Weekly Trend on the Daily Charts.


    I like the Downtrend for AUDNZD on the Weekly Chart.

    I am Searching for a Short Opportunity.


    For AUDUSD I believe price may bounce off of the Channel Support lineup on the Weekly Chart.

    For today I'm going to look to brief this position till it hits the Channel. (After the close of today I may change my mind)

    After it hits the channel I might start looking for a rally on the Daily Chart.


    I like the uptrend for EURAUD

    I am looking for a buy setup


    Before I look for a setup on the Daily Chart for EURJPY I want to see price breakthrough Weekly Service


    GBPCHF might be at the early stages of an uptrend, so I Might Want to wait to see it break Weekly Resistance.


    Just like GBPCHF, I want to see GBPJPY break Weekly Resistance


    For GBPUSD I am Searching for a breakthrough on Weekly Resistance earlier I look for a buy setup.

    However, I believe there may be room to start searching for a possible buy setup on the Daily Chart.


    Looking for a breakthrough on the Weekly Support Line for USDCAD before I look for a Buy Setup on the Daily Chart.

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    This next week I think I will look to input AUDUSD since it can have made a pivot on the weekly chart for an up movement.
    I'm trying to go long on the daily chart.

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    Since there's Space to go lower on the Weekly Support Line for USDCAD That I think I may look for a Brief Chance about the Daily

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    I Believe on this one, EURAUD, I may want to look for a buy in the channel on the Daily Chart.

    There was buying pressure on Friday.

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    I believe AUDNZD could be just another where I could trade from the station for a short spot on the Daily Chart.

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    I have someone I speak to regularly about my trades since I am still quite new.
    Here are a couple of notes from that person.
    * AUDUSD - I concur it is looking like it is prepared to start moving higher.
    * USDCAD - I am looking for exactly the same thing. Just do not wish to jump in too quickly. I would actually prefer to see another effort to move up that fails. Not sure we'll get it.
    * EURAUD - This one seems great however, due to the way the daily dragged back, it can take a little time to get going. I don't say that to suggest the transaction should not be taken by you but rather bring awareness. Having your expectations in working with the pattern is set up is a huge portion of trading success.
    * AUDNZD - While I don't disagree with you, just be aware of the slow grinding nature of the movement. You'll need using it to patient to find a decent yield.

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