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Thread: Simple and profitable trading style

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    Simple and profitable trading style

    First and fore most'm not introducing any indiion or Holy Grail in gambling. Am introducing a possible where and how you're able to grab a trend- if you adore trending market. Whenever you're able to grab the trend at the 18, trending marketplace is really simple to trade. I have been backtesting this egy for a quite a while now. This is to prevent overtrading by putting the pairs which fulfilled with the entry point. I skipped some though I have them in my diary as if I took them. Overtrading could have mess up my backtesting. My reason for backtesting and checking/study the graphs is the fact that if we are able to ch trend getting hit will be minimized. Also we would be able to trade profitable regardless of the size of the account.
    1. The method works best on daily and longer time frames, because there is so much noise on the time frames. I tried on 4hrs only ones, it failed me, though I do not trade 4hrs and other shorter time frames.
    2. When market was moving sideways it functions and it's about breaking out of it. I will post charts to give you a image that is clear.
    3. It is fantastic for swing and position traders.

    The index am using is none other than one of the indiors professional traders have been utilizing profitably - Bollinger Bands. For people who're already using Bollinger Bands, it would be much easier, I feel so. It's simple to learn should you prefer to use it. We must be patient and know that there is a huge move along the way when market indies some kind exhaustion/sideways. Monitor both the weekly and the daily graphs. A candle candles shuts over Upper Band, then there is the opportunity when weekly is closed over the Bollinger Middle Band and at precisely the exact same time. Reverse is the case with trading that is bearish. Under Reduced Band on the daily shows, if candle closes/has closed on the first and weekly candle below Middle band which shuts for bearish trading that movement has started. In the event the weekly strongly closed over Middle Band and the daily hasn't managed to close above Upper Band,there's absolutely absolutely no requirement. You have to be patient. There are exceptional cases please. You would see in USDJPY long - while the weekly closed over Middle Band the daily candles were about below upper band, until the first closed on the daily chart, then you get in. Also my SL was triggered. I understood that uptrend has started, even though retracement triggered the SL. No issue. You would see on the NZDJPY chart where I monitor Bollinger Lower Band rejection to get in again. It shut . Then I got in again. Uptrend has started, when SL is triggered do not stress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    AUDCHF forming powerful bearish engulfing directly below 0.77059 from where it was previously crashed. I have been in long position about the associated pairs, EURAUD trading.
    that is the Ideal setup

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    Shooting Star was formed on AUDUSD yesterday. It had been formed when the bulls have supreme control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No. It hit my goal stage at 1.2569 (99 pips), though my heart wanted it to stay longer but I was not certain how to set the aims with this egy. That's also why I was asking how you set targets. Now I'm thinking I must have set.
    My position open until I see the tendency exhausts or set up a reversal. No goal now

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    @ Atmokupe: I believe that you still keep your USDCAD long?
    No. It hit my goal point at 1.2569 (99 pips), though my heart wanted it to stay longer but I wasn't sure how to set the aims with this egy.
    That's also why I was asking how you set targets.

    Now I'm thinking I must have set the goal higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just as the Double Tops on AUDUSD would affect EURUSD and USDCHF it would also have an effect on NZDUSD. AUDUSD (Down)=EURUSD (Down)=USDCHF (Up)=NZDUSD (Down)
    Due I know

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    @ Atmokupe: I believe that you keep your USDCAD?

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    Just as the Double Tops on AUDUSD would Impact EURUSD and USDCHF That It would Influence NZDUSD .
    AUDUSD (Down)=EURUSD (Down)=USDCHF (Up)=NZDUSD ( Down )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm currently considering USDCHF to enter long is your daily closes over the middle band and 4 hr above upper band. It is there. picture
    Its correlated wit EURUSD . When one is going up the other goes down. I choose to join the EU bears . Meaning UCHF would soar but was afraid of it as it was shaped at the bottom of bears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I am cautious of this opening an brief order on the EU, because of: 1). Risk reward looking at my goal isn't adding up. Risking 56 pips to create 76 pips. 2. What do you consider the service lines in 1.221 just below the current price point. Also I wanted to ask just to get a refresher, do you set goal points for this egy. I remember at the start you said to close the transaction as soon as the MA crosses ( if I remember correctly), what is your current take on getting profits? image
    1.221 isn't a visible service. When you zoom your chart out you would see some strong S/Rs. And besides its associated pair, AUDUSD had formed tops that are strong on the weekly and is already down. It was shared by me on AUDUSD thread. Some I set take profit with the last S/R that was weekly. Till I see reversal and exhaustion around the Upcoming some I simply ride the trend

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