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    But yeah I take your opinion into consideration and it seems to me like that I shouldnt even bother trying. Its not as if I am pushing anyone or anything, therefore I accept should you and other people dont want me to continue with this endevour as simple as that.

    I will cease my efforts and only continue with my personal journal then goodluck everyone

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    That's why I left the forex market 5 yrs ago and Exchange the futures market where these conditions don't exist

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    Lol well dont really all about making money in the close of the day.

    Also today I know why and understand why folks say if you find something that you should probably keep yourself.

    So yeah this informative article ify's my prior articles so just ignore everything that was posted associated with this 'trading group' thing.

    Btw I was actually trying to assist no matter if nobody believes me or not like I was saying that I need everyone goodluck on their Foreign Exchange journey.

    That is currently the continuation of the trading journal lets do so

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    New week new chances. So seeing as I already reached target im moving profits and dont have to use regular risk management until next month.

    Lets just leave #15 and see what the market provides. If I can reach double monthly target, I am going to take a break.

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    I started the week off oh well it appears have a chance to recoup reduction and make some profit. Hoping tomorow and friday will be fruitfull

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I started off the week with a reduction oh well it seems nevertheless have a opportunity to recoup reduction and make some profit. Expecting tomorow and friday is going to be fruitfull
    It was a really bad trade wish I didnt take it thats a part of the game, accepting stupid losses.This was previously in the beginning of the week entirely wiped me out. :'-LRB-

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    1 Attachment(s) Although I didnt need to trade after losing the #15 because this was left in the account to risk openly. I decided to utilize the profits that I moved into this account to try and regain the loss.

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    1 Attachment(s) Heres the results in the end of the week. So ive almost recovered the15.

    But yeah overall the week wasnt that bad if we calculate p/l this implies ive just lost about #5 for this week.

    I feel that the extra #2 at the account is broker rebates or bonus charge not sure.

    Next week that I just need to create #5 then I will determine when I should keep monthly profits or continue trading till next month.

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