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Thread: PVSRA Scalping with Cigarguy

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    80 EC:

    After having to manually CL some 850 pips from a sizable DD from over-trading multiple pairs, now I'm back on trading the contrary with only taking the one greatest pair for me according to PVSRA-FIFO-GC and safer place using Fibonacci to shield against a sizable DD that I base on MEME and a soft SL predied on 5 -19 percent of my equity to keep my Margin 200-250 %. I did not do this and dropped and as I did not take a safer place on the greater TF based of a 61%-100 percent fib ( 's technique) before edging down to the M1 TF utilizing CG's methods to take my trades on only a single pair (as noted above). Last, credit goes to Lawgirl21 for her RSI(3) to track the currency pairs internationally - similar to the one employed here;

    Live and learn !

    Due CG et al !!!!!!!

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    149.10 EC

    Dear Friends,

    IMHO, I won't require any more Bearish trades like I hope the MM's will make a massive RT to carry out SL's for liquidity to work against us at the NYO or Red News, before PB that the major downward trend based on the PVSRA-CG and Fib placement - so typical. I would like to protect my earned Pips. Then, I will probably continue with the shorting of the OB currency. Obviously, I will keep shorting trades west, if min PA continues south. We will notice:

    Cheers all !

    - John

    229.60 EC:

    I figure I'm just a lucky boy now who pays attention to class:

    Thanks CG et al !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Gu 128 picture
    Nice ch. . .Right place @ the right time...


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    Extended AU 8.2 total
    Short GU -5.6
    Explanations on charts

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    U/J 4

    1st entrance : break of half lvl

    2nd entrance : additional to retrace just above half lvl

    Analysis : half lvl broken , vol on the shirts , price slowed 200 EMA

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    E/U 5 two transactions

    Closed the first one by error

    Reentry after minor retrace to quarter level.

    Not a Fantastic time to exchange as 2 Mins prior to Red news

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    EU M1 5 Explanation on chart
    Hello Vape, I just wanted to tell you: Thanks You For your Charts.
    Notably the additional effort, with all the explanation on it, which you place in.


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    USDJPY 6

    Price making lower shirts with intriguing volume. Got in after two big red candles broke half amount again (waited for a little retrace since there wasn't much momentum). I usually would have let this one run somewhat more (especially after that green candle was unable to push), but closed since USD suddenly started killing the other pairs, becoming 15-20 pips in a few moments against Euro and Pound.

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