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Thread: Pip counter

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this is I get...
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    Found the problem, working on it today.

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    Try this one connected.

    The choices you continue mentioned could be achieved, but not certain if he'd have the time can not promise.

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    Is working out. . .thanks. . .and as a result of guru. I have it on a separate template also may peek at it once demanded for pips, this pair and pairs to date. Have not checked the math. . .but is going to do this and report any discrepancies. Not exactly as per the initial post. . .but I will use it. Thanks so much.

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    Works fine. . .but requires some type of refresh. I have it on a separate template and the items from the previous time has been loaded are still there once I load the template. . .and the new items are on top of it. . .would that be a quick fix?

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    That is exactly what he said:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It seems odd that the items should still be on the chart as you eliminate the indior it deletes all of its items.

    The fast fix is just to go into the object list and delete the relevent items. It should be obvious which ones they are and as a sign you can multi-select objects together with the conventional windows method of the shift or ctrl keys and then click delete.

    As a permanent fix, edit your template files and eliminate all the object entries. This way when you use the template to a new chart, the correct items...

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