Problem with mt4 replied positions...HELP
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Thread: Problem with mt4 replied positions...HELP

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    Problem with mt4 replicated positions...HELP

    Im running 's EA

    the challenge is my mt4 retains opening up duplied places... I dont understand why... so I removed all experts, removed all charts, turned off expert advisors... and guess what is making trades...

    so I uninstalled the platform and reinstalled it under another loion (title)... and guess what its doing the specific same thing, now ive removed the EA's again so its jsut making trades alone (not replied now tho) and its getting the lot dimensions wrong...

    how do I stop this its just like a cruel trick from the broker to get me to margin out... its cost me like 20% today in profits cos I keep having to close rankings so I dont margin out...

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    First thing is Click Progr
    Click Options
    Select Ask Manual Confirmation

    Untill you find out why the EA is Behaving as it is.

    Best regards

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    Cheers... its very strange tho...

    im gonna upload a brand new mt4 and not even touch it. . .if its still opening trades theres something seriously upward....

    I possess an mt4 that's on my desktop computer (the one I trade off/run is in my vps) where I have a login to this account? Would this be a motive? Despite the fact that my desktop computer mt4 doesnt have some of the EA's on it...

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    I just got this issue galore
    it just kept me in

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