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Thread: Trading opportunities

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    GBP/CHF is about to rebound out of trendline on daily interval.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    GBP/CHF is going to bounce from trendline on daily interval. picture
    Nice one, two trading opportunities on the exact same pair (reverse directions).
    That's an interesting phenomenon (that occur frequently) for certain!

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    I'm long AUD/USD at price 0.9010

    SL: 0.8960
    TP: 0.9110

    Great luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm long AUD/USD at price 0.9010 SL: 0.8960 TP: 0.9110 great luck
    At this time your stoploss should be hitten.

    This is the reason why I chose to place one rule on this tiny thread, just one simple easy rule.
    The principle is, please note just commerce signals/recommendations/opportunities which go in the same direction of the overall trend.

    You see what happen when somebody try to fight the trend?
    A loss occur.

    This occur everyday to tens of thousands of traders, me from time to time I allow the tops/bottoms picking seduce me, and go against the trend. Trades always would be class B trades and usually are, riskious trades, trades that are gambling.

    The principle here, is just class A trades, just trades which go with the trend.

    The irony in all this, is that the majority of traders transaction always against the tendency (and maybe that is why they loose), so I know that this thread is not likely to be popular at all.

    I will write here the next commerce I will take (at the direction of the tendency), my fantasy would be to have a thread where everyone do share trading opportunities (profitable ones, not kamikaze ones), and everyone just do make money. The principle: go with the fad.

    Not soo complex. .

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    As promised, here is my trade prospect.

    Eurusd, uptrend.
    The market is waiting the justifiion to break 1.3831 drops (october high).

    After that happen, we can see a shortsqueeze, or the end of the uptrend.

    Anyway, it is 80 pips from today, so there is some profit to be produced.

    Have a Fantastic day everyone!

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    Very simple trade,

    the 8 hour chart is Moving up,

    this chart is the 1 hour showing a pullback in a channel,the channel Has Been broken at about 8am yeyesterday and the 8 hour

    trend starts again,target was the previous high

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    That is Actually the hour chart showing the trend

    since the lines Reveal,a very simple trade

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    Why is trading with the trend so challenging ?

    This thread is all about trading at the direction of this trend

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why is trading with the tendency so hard ? This thread is about trading at the direction of the tendency
    Hello pikiliver, thank you for the posts, that was great! Finally somebody to post a trend-trading scenario (even though not in realtime, nevertheless that is good!)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Hey Tunera EUR/USD appears bullish in my view I've an ultimate goal @ 1.41258 I believe we are moving into a wave 4 correction before bullish wave 5 into the goal

    Any place taken on the commerce needs to have a stop loss at 1.35787

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