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Thread: VSA and VRA - TEB Basic Analysis

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    VSA and VRA - TEB Basic Analysis

    I visit VSA (VRA) as the very best trading system.
    Volume Spread Analysis (England) / Volume Range Analysis (North America)

    I like the name VRA much better as I'm a Canadian and in North America we Discuss the low and high of a bar as its range, here as in England its called the spread. In North America we call the price of entering a trade the spread so that the name VSA is its a bit confusing North America - but VSA is much better know.

    I want to start a new thread that is basic VSA/VRA.
    I would prefer a place were people can and will bill real transactions- in real time with real VSA/VRA
    Lets see if other want this as well.

    No add ons - only VSA/VRA so
    - no MACD - or CCi or RSI or Stoch etc
    - no BBands
    - no Fibs on
    - no power bars
    on a charts.
    I utilize the TG standard 5sma - its not for fashion but momentum - but this is not required in your charts
    - should you like another MA that is fine BUT just 1 MA on a chart.
    - that is all please ADD NOTHING ELSE!!!

    I utilize HCL price bars largely but HOCL candles and bars are okay as well= but nothing less
    I do use supply and demand area/zones according to fundamental VSA/VRA

    Whenever frames and whatever people want to exchange is good
    - I look at weekly/ day/ 4 hour/1 hour for back ground
    - I look to exchange around the hour /15 min/3 min
    - I do Forex and oil mainly but whatever goes.

    Please make sure that the time period can be seen on charts
    please put the reason behind submitting the chart - it can be on the chart with named bars or under in the posting.

    I trace fundamental VSA names - but I've simplified bar names. Below are the names I use, but Tradeguider or Wyckoff#8217; names or are okayTL - Trigger Line _____________ TR - Trading Range CA - Climatic Action - Ultra High Volume (F) - Mean Failure ie. UT(F) is a Upthrust collapse s0 the top of the UT is a trigger line and when price taken out it it is very bullish (P) - Possible - a bar then requires verifiion - typically a 2nd bar that followsc 1. TP - Take Profit
    2. SL - Stop Loss
    3. BE - Split Even
    4. ET - Entry
    5. TL - Trigger Line

    I will post more as we go
    people can utilize TG or TG look a like charts or just bars and quantity. (I do not know if there are Wyckoff#8217; charts, if so They'd be good too)



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks for your analysis, I must admit I enjoy the notion of short here or maybe higher as on D1 we have something like a Gotcha bar, so in the event of loss I shall search for another short higher, possibly in 1.3000 - 1.3130 place (red box) image
    a thought - are you pursuing a climbing rocket?

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    trading these pairs again now

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    EurUsd - Big SOW for Beginning of the week CA-UT

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    Quite intriguing.
    Please, talk with your understand how...

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    Interesting indeed.

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    Excellent work!
    But how about to include on simplified titles list something like: E for entry, Ex for exit?

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    I'm really thankful to begin this thread. I is a student of volume analysis but I quit it due to quantity manipulation by brokers. Now, I only see final price with respect. I would wait for your new thread/new article where you'd explain how you examine the chart and what are the bars imply and function. Thank you once more.

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    pound last night that a quick 60 pips

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