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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That's exactly what the purpose deserves... great trading secrets are hidden in WORDS!
    What lol? Cease with the BS Forex quotes and show a egy or edue the noobs just how much your charging.

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    Dear Jecklom,
    I subscribed and I wait for Another step..

    Please send an email to mickse (at)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dear Jecklom I subscribed and I wait for the next step.. Please send an email to mickse (at) Thanks in advance. Mick
    Dear Mick,

    Constantly check your email.

    Best regards,


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    Dear Deserved Subscribers,

    Endeavor to make your Portfolio URL and avail it here like ones under for ease of progress inspection.

    Happy trading!


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    Hello Jecklom,
    I've subscribed to your thread and wondering just how do I get information on you system.

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    Don't trust him under any circumstances! I dropped over 20% in 2 days and likely will lose all my money (100$) quickly if I'd follow with his so called system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not trust him under any circumstances! I dropped over 20% in 2 days and probably will lose all of my cash (100$) fast if I would follow with his so called platform.
    Dear Longpips,

    Kindly do as advised.

    My readers got similar signal throughout the recommended entry time. But yours was far from it! If you are in doubt of what I am saying do kindly send me your screenshot through the mail and I will send you the screenshots from this week's daily trading log.

    Kindly note that not one of my readers has dropped their accounts and not one of them will! Their accounts can only get better from the end of every trading schedule by virtue of their willingness to follow my advise. I surmise their Portfolio URL is affirms what I'm saying.

    Meanwhile, I do not tolerate subscribers who flaunt my directions and would prefer to come on this thread and also pour out their exasperation knowing fully well they never took to my advise. By a method of advice, I've thought many cutting across different states of the world: USA, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, India, etc., and none has produce a negative experience like you've. More so, each of those contributor have larger account size than you ($100)! What does that imply? There is something that you might not have done!

    I've provided you same chance I provided other readers to join the group for daily confirmation of their transaction signals and some other related transaction issues in order to be able to attain their daily targets, but you declined, requesting I should rather handle you through Skype! Did you pay me a dime for supplying you this Trading System? Why should you demand I must be on to address your trading obstacle when there is a group made for this purpose?

    Well, I forgive you for this gross misconduct... however, I won't take such again. If you won't comply with my advise please you can take a leave. The choice is yours!

    I wish you the very best of luck on your endeavors.

    Kind regards,


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    Like a Compass is to Some Sailor, Therefore is a Financial Statement to a Trader; much more so is a Time Statement to a Successful Trader!

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