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    Hello all...

    I am using limit order entry for major currencies and eurjpy and gbpjpy.

    I want to begin this thread as my journal. Anyone interested can join me.


    EURUSD: Economy Limit @ 1.2690 TP 1.2640 = 50pip
    Buy Limit @ 1.2630 TP 1.2670 = 40pip

    GBPUSD: Economy Limit @ 1.8730 TP 1.8630 = 100pip
    Buy Limit @ 1.8620 TP 1.8660 = 40pip

    USDJPY: Buy Limit @ 117.80 TP 118.40 = 60pip

    USDCHF: Buy Limit @ 1.2485 TP 1.2585 = 100pip

    EURJPY: Buy limit @ 1.4950 TP 150.00 = 50pip

    GBPJPY: Buy limit @ 220.50 TP 221.60 = 110pip

    Total targeted pip = 550pip every day.

    # I will update when now session finishes. Likely on the weekend.

    I am using Alpari Meta4 platform. You can get it all here.

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    Greetings, thank you for submitting your journal; how are things going? How often do you anticipate to upgrade us on your transactions?

    Also, do you mind sharing your system which you are using to trade with?

    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    [image greater than 600x600 removed]

    This is the screenshot of limit orders...

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    Hi Kenari,

    Please keep future image sizes under 600x600 or they will be deleted.

    Kind regards

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    As I view it the transactions were from last month....but I have any questions. .

    First....The Eur Buy limit order @ 1.2630 TP 1.2670 ( actually 1.2680 in the screen shot )along with a supposed gain of 40pips. . ( 50pips )

    I've a low of only 1.2639 at the area of the trade.

    Second....The Gbp Buy limit @ 1.8620 Tp 1.8660 again with a supposed gain of 40pips.

    I've a low of only 1.8634 at the region of that commerce. .

    Maybe I am looking at the wrong times on the charts. .

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    I am sorry...I dropped my account details after reformatting my pc... will begin with new one...

    GBPUSD: Buy stop 1.8750 target 1.8800 stop reduction 1.8725
    Sell stop 1.8680 target 1.8640 stop reduction 1.8700

    EURUSD: Buy stop 1.2550 target 1.2580 stop reduction 1.2530
    Sell stop 1.2530 target 1.2490 stop reduction 1.2550

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    Thanks kenari to your effort.

    Your buy sell and stop stop based on resistance and support in intraday chart or based on retracement of this chart. Hope you can share with us.

    Good luck for your trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you kenari to your attempt.

    Your buy stop and sell stop based on resistance and assistance from intraday chart or predied on retracement of this chart. Hope you are able to share with us.

    Good luck for your own trading
    yes you're rite. I enjoy breakout system.

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    What u mean by breakout system? Related to support and resistance or retracement level? Please info

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    Sell stop orders have been triggered for the two GBPUSD and EURUSD, looking great to hit target. .

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    Hi there,

    Is there some trade for today?

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