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    my australia day was alright stoiter, just went to the beach here, it had been about 34degrees so it was decent down there, plenty of pissheads knocking back tinnies down there ha.
    Oh yeh plenty of hot females in bikinis getting into the spirit of the day too

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    my glorious return to forex isnt off to an excellent start. . As a result of work and other similar commnts ive just managed to check the daily chart once. .

    I did however manage to generate a commerce

    SL was moved to 7242

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    this was my first trade using this method. .

    Entry was on the 22/4 market stop at 24.14 sl above wick on snare bar. .

    I use fxlite demo for my charts but trade off an australian broker. So occasionally the transaction details in the pic arent perfect but you get the idea.

    Notes on my snare bar setups.

    -depending on the range of the trap pub I am looking to wait for a retrace of the pin bar prior to entering. This will give me a bigger stop.

    -'m searching for wick to pierce some kind of level. Ie support resistance, 50fib, moving averages or trend lines. . The more signals the greater.

    With this commerce the snare pierced the 61 fib, a flat level and made the 3rd swing high on a trend line.


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    Stoiter you alive and trading? Been ages since some contact from you. Nicely post back if your living

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