forexnoob101s journal - part III
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Thread: forexnoob101s journal - part III

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    forexnoob101s journal - part III

    A small synopsis of my diary to come. I am a trader in the foreign exchange market for a few years and have opted to start yet another journal. My first journal was formally closed and am extremely thankful and grateful for its functionality, and for everyone watching. It has been a boon. My next journal has only been closed on account of the fact that the investor would need his capital for weeks at a time for his business enterprise and forgot to tell me upon investing. For this reason I have chosen to start my third and final journal here on cliqforex with my own funds. The majority of the funds are coming out of my very first journal and a little in the next journals commissions.

    The point of this journal isn't to replie the very first or second diary at all, shape, or form. This was the point of starting something new.

    My aim for this journal would be to target 1% a day during the initial phase. I will plan for more some days, other days I shall aim for less determined by market conditions. Only after the first phase I will decide about what to do .

    I don't give out signs, recommendations, or an analysis, so please do not ask. This journal's intention is to post results only.

    Thanks again for understanding.

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    Account Balance = $2,824.45 USD
    Performance on July 20th, 2008 = 2.78%
    Total Performance - Since Inception (July 20th, 2008)= 2.78%

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    Account Balance = 2,874.27 USD
    Performance on July 21st, 2008 = 1.76%
    Total Performance - Since Inception (July 20th, 2008)= 4.54%

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    No trades

    Complete Performance - Since Inception (July 20th, 2008)= 4.54%

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    Account Balance = $2,921.87 USD
    Performance on July 23rd, 2008 = 1.65%
    Total Performance - Since Inception (July 20th, 2008)= 6.19%

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    Account Balance = 2,837.60 USD
    Performance on July 24th, 2008 = - 2.88percent
    Total Performance - Since Inception (July 20th, 2008)= 3.31%

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    Account Balance = $2,908.06 USD
    Performance on July 25th, 2008 = 2.48%
    Complete Performance - Since Inception (July 25th, 2008)= 25th 5.82%

    *due to rounding total performance calculations are Adjusted at the end of the trading week

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    Sorry I need to shut this thread as I have an emergency and won't be back for many months.

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    Balance - 2,747.95 USD

    Leverage - 200:1

    Broker - IBFX

    The type of trading style I chose to use with this account applies many tools which mainly feature Patterns, Gann Lines, Average Cost, Elliot Wave Patterns, Candlesticks, Ihimoku Kinko Hyo, the Fibonacci Retracement Tools, Moving Averages, Heiken i, Moving Averages and eASCTrend 6.0 (not the one made for MT4, the original version)

    Additionally please notice I have 2 other traders/partners I've implemented with this account to have 24/5 protection from Brazil and Japan.

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