How to get good charts?
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Thread: How to get good charts?

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    How to get good charts?

    I am relatively new to fx and using Oanda that is not the strongest when it comes to charts and watching numerous currencies at the exact same moment. Does anybody have any recommendations about how to get a grasp of some better charts? Please include prices (or conditions -- eg. Have to start an account with this broker), your view on ease of usage, if you are actively using them with live trades, and/or any other pertinent information.

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Metatrader 4 is a free (and comparatively good) charting appliions which is used by a lot of people within this forum. You can use a demo account as feed. There is a lot of indiors written which you can download, searchcliqforexforums.

    I know that a few people who use Oanda for trading, utilize Metatrader for charting.

    Hope this helps,


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    I Have tried:

    Pricey. And I'm still not convinced I could get used to their charts. Backtesting and automation is done.

    Probably the best for backtesting equities and futures as the EasyLanguage is truly Easy... (Fundamental scripting but powerful) Their forex service stinks, with GAIN as their broker.

    Medved QuoteTracker
    Awesome!!! And just requires a small fee to eliminate advertising, besides that, it's free of charge. Full featured and support from Medved himself!

    I will probably, at some point, move to QT eternally so I can reduce my costs.

    I want attempt:

    Sounds promising. Contact Lewis out of Leftbraintrading... He uses it and likes it.

    Fibonacci Trader
    My mentor utilizes it. Loves it.


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    CMS Visual Trading charts are very good too. The Disneyland of charting tools. Open by charters and developers. A great Forum right here in FFF. VT forum.

    Probably the most versatile of charting options. Directly onto the chart. Hedging accessible.

    Two drawbacks: 1. Trading mini or lots. No lots. 2. No time stamps past the current time so guesswork when seeking to project time in the future.

    Oh... forgot to mention... they are Free!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    CMS Visual Trading charts are extremely good too.

    Oh... forgot to mention... they're Free!!

    And No Expiry of Demo Accts. Unless of course you blow it away.

    VT Trader consumers are presently hoping to encourage CMS to provide Micro accts through mass email.

    The same as all other platforms, it has it's downsides but seems to listen to it's clients requests for developments.

    If any one of the [free] platforms available had no defects...
    1) There would not be a Competition.
    2) It wouldn't be Free.

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    Thanks to all you who have responded. I've been using MT4 for a few weeks and it's working well thus far. It also appears to have a long time oncliqforexwith lots of indiors posted, etc.. I am using a demo feed in Alpari which matches quite closely together with Oanda (the broker I'm thinking about using when I move live -- at least initially ).

    I will attempt VT and Medved's too to see if there are any competitive benefits there.


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    There are loads of quality charts that are free. I like Investools (, and if you would like to track a few charts in precisely the exact same time you can utilize FX Power charts.

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