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Thread: Time based position exit EA or Script

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    Time based position exit EA or Script


    Does anyone have a script or EA available for MT4 that will permit a time variable to be set like if an EA opens a new place the script (I need) will then automatically close the open position after a fixed variety of seconds, minutes and hours?

    I have found several scripts that allow you to close all open postions at a specified time daily i.e close all positions at 14:30 hours. However, this isn't what I'm after.

    I am using a system which opens just 1 trade at a time on the EUR/USD. The TP is only 3 pips and the win rate is quite high but any trade that is open for more than an hour has quite a large chance of being a failure and therefore I want to have the ability to set the machine to close any open commerce at 1 hour or less no matter the floating PL.

    A bonus feature is for the same script to have the ability to stop the EA from opening new trades during particular periods such as during NFP or about Sunday night.

    Thanks all.

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    Thank You Tigpips. I will take a look at dropping this into the EA code. When I run into trouble doing this are you receptive to doing this for me for payment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yeap sure np, glad to assist.
    Hello Tg, did you receive the EA I emailed you? dk

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    Can somebody post this EA in .mq4 formation pls? Cant find it everywhere.
    If a person is so kind as I cant programe a line of code...

    Therefore, EA should
    1. Look account open trades.
    2. Close them immediately when position is opened for XX hours.

    I love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this thread should contain what you're looking for
    thank you, seems this is what Im looking for. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Nope I did not obtain any dk.
    Hi there, I am looking for a system that closes my orders onto a specific time can u please provide me my email id is email address deleted by staff

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