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Thread: Golden Levels: NZD/USD

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    Golden Levels: NZD/USD

    This is thread is for submitting golden degree chart setups for NZD/USD only.

    You can Discover More about how to exchange the method:

    gt;gt; Prior to submitting charts: </b>

    Why trade from golden S/R levels?

    1. It's not necessary to predict. Predicting what the market is going to do regularly over time is time taking, stressful and unnecessary.
    2. Quicker compounding by trading by the best price levels, using a high R:R (Risk:Reward ratio) and high win percent rate.
    3. Predictable income stream by closing trades for a affordable R :R (not too low, not too high) rather than relying on tendencies.
    4. Less stress: Considering that our trading is focused around finding price levels to exchange from, we wait patiently for the market to return to us, not the other way around.
    5. Less monitoring the market: Since we specify price level to exchange from beforehand, we can use limit orders and/or price alerts.

    What are golden degrees?

    Golden levels are S/R (support/resistance) levels that are more reliable and much better priced than many S/R levels. They're found deep within price ranges and are characterized by highs and lows on time frames. For instance:

    Another recent instance in oil. Notice trading from the highs of the range would have led to a reduction. Trading from levels that exist deeper in a range and are respected by price from the side are more powerful and result in additional profit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello , does that qualify as a golden level? Https://
    Hello goodness,

    Since price already stopped short of this amount and reversed and price is equally long-term and short-term fairly bullish, I wouldn't take a position from just the range's low's. If price were overbought, I'd consider it. But in this situation it isn't even near being overextended (quite the contrary).

    So, since a brief would be a counter-trend trade at this point, I'd only picked short entry targets that are far enough from current price so that if price reaches them it'll do so when it is overbought and more inclined to reverse. I marked two possible levels in the chart.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi goodness, Since price already stopped short of the level and reversed and price is equally short-term and long-term fairly bullish, I wouldn't have a position from just the range's reduced's. If price were extremely overbought, I would consider it. But in this case it is not even close to being overextended (quite the opposite). So, since a short would be a counter-trend transaction now, I would only chose short entry goals that are far enough from current price so that when price reaches them it'll do so when it's overbought and more...
    The higher degree @ .7411 is not just better priced for a short, but the weekly 200 MA is confluencing harshly with it. This would make it the prime candidate to get a short.


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    little different perspective, searching to get tls , try shorts here . Upper red tl begins in Sept. 2013
    SL@BE, so its simple now

    decide for yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    NZDUSD little different view, searching to get tls , attempt shorts . Upper red tl begins in Sept. 2013 SL@BE, therefore its easy now image decide yourself Hpt
    This TL assists, but if at all I'd likely place my sights on the lows @ .7180 to get a first short entry goal (at the earliest).
    That is the closest golden level activity I see up to now.



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    Price is approaching two sets of golden levels - May 2015 range. The golden zone electricity indior showed the higher price levels @ .7515, although I inserted the lower levels manually according to the golden amount definition @ .7420 (price respects the amount sharply from both the long and short side). Additionally, the weekly 200 MA is right below it. Therefore although it is not well priced for a short at the higher degree, it ought to be considered on these merits.
    The greater priced degree has long-term .50 fib confluence drawn from the mid-2014 high. This is a technical set up for an evenly divided position across both price zones.


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    tl (turquoise) is well respected

    if tl and MC is broken ?? MA as resitance


    decide for yourself

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    The same situation to AUD/USD is that a trend deflated and deal buyers are rushing in.
    Although the H1 200 MAs are seeking to confluence with levels approximately .7270, price likely has further to go upward until a significant correction occurs. The levels round .7300 using .50 fib confluence along with the indior generated cluster of levels (very nicely formed and priced) farther up around .7314 with 61.8 fib confluence will be better goals for shorts.


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