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Thread: Can you get rich quickly from forex trading?

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    Can you get rich quickly from forex trading?

    Would you get rich from Foreign Exchange trading ?

    if not ?
    Why not simply do the job generally
    or if there's capital ,why not invest your funds in mutual funds, or leave it to fund managers or anything like that ,

    or on another hand if you make 10% profit from a year in trading
    do not bother trading independently / does not need to work hard alone
    leave it to fund managers or mutual funds you'll get over it
    using a smaller risk than the handle

    THX for your remarks / engagement / input ,

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    Can you get rich from forex trading? Yes.

    Can it be easy? Probably not.

    Why not invest in a fund rather than trading?

    When you exchange in your own, its up to you how much you earn (well, also is dependent upon the market as when theres no volatility theres no trading possible)

    individuals that are trading try to make more than 10% per Year. Some succeed, many fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote In the event 1:4 you mean that the TP = 4 x the SL (Van Tharp would call that 4:1) following costs, then you would require a phenomenal entry system to provide a 75% win rate. By means of comparison, only using random entries, accomplishing 1:4 RR would mean 1 triumph for each four losses, or a win rate of 20 percent. Then factoring in costs would likely lower this to ~ 15%, if you are scalping. Risking 50 percent of your account means that 2 successive losses will cause ruin. Using Excel's binomial formulae, the probability of ruin is therefore 0.999999248562504, or, in other words,...
    not positive if you are serious or not about that penis on FF
    guessing sarcasm

    however 1:4 R/R is right... 4:1 would be saying it backward

    its not reward/risk,
    its risk/reward

    Boost it to $225 plus it only requires 5 net winners for to over $100,000

    $450 (risk $225) -- trade #1 = profit 900
    $1350 (risk $675) -- trade #2 = profit $2700
    $4050 (risk $2025) -- trade #3 = profit $8100
    $12000 (risk $6000) -- trade #4 = profit $24000
    $36000 (risk $18000) -- trade #5 = profit $72000

    total = $108,000

    the majority in this thread aren't trying the 1:4 r/r though, 1:2 is a lot simpler and still provides great yields.

    I agree its tough to get 1:4 transactions, but if patient, getting 1 per month is not too difficult. Use those time frames.

    Stop reduction 50, take profit 200... I receive that trade to workout for me all the time.

    Edit: sorry I thought this was my thread Rags to Riches in 10 or even 20 transactions... so if you dont understand parts of this article that is probably why

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    Consistent profit and patience, and consistency on your trading egy, I believe you can.

    But of course, you need to be ready losing money at first.... All your capital. .

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    It's a wrong approach! That, there's nothing like shortcut way of success in each field such as Forex! Basically, Forex trading industry is one of the smartest profession! So, new traders will need to begin this trading profession with learning approach! I started my trading with presentation and I used this account for one year, I open my dwell manner!

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    I believe there is nothing word in Forex as success. Not Forex in the present world there's absolutely no chance which can make you quickly. Who are willing to achieve success very rapidly from this market place , they cannot find out this market and become a loser after passing time. For the reason 90 percent traders are failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could you get rich fast from Foreign Exchange trading? Yes. Is it easy? Probably not. Why don't you invest in a fund rather than trading? When you trade in your own, its up to you how much you earn (well, also is dependent on the market as if theres no volatility theres no trading possible) People who are trading try to make more than 10% each year. Some succeed, most fail.
    Hello; I'm curious to understand details about rapid success! As far as I know, there is absolutely no shortcut way of succeeding! In fact, traders need trading knowledge and ability for becoming a trader, and learning is always a lengthy process! Such as I used my clinic account for one! Incidentally, I agree with your answer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can you get rich fast from forex trading?
    Yes, it happened to me many times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yes, love your message. There is not any success in Fx but we view generally see folks always looking for to earn profit from here. As a result 90% are loser. So we have to give this tendency up and need to prepare to pass on a very long period of time in here.
    I've even seen claims - and noticed them often, at this - that the 95% of traders lose money. So things might be worse.

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    Yes. You might find loaded by betting. If crimson comes up, good! If it does not...

    The issue you have is risk management, and (in my very humble opinion) is the main reason many traders fail before they have even got started.

    First, and by far the most difficult step, is developing a profitable egy. It job. But let us say you have done it. Great!

    You might think that having a profitable egy is everything you need. It is only traded by you and you are wealthy. Nope!

    Even a profitable egy has reductions occasionally, which means you can't risk all of your capital. Good money management dictates you risk 1% or 2% of your funds. That means a limit is also to the profit you can take at any particular time.

    Monetising a profitable egy is far from easy.

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