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Thread: Can you get rich quickly from forex trading?

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    Nothing is impossible..This is My Own Fantasy, but it shall be done Sensibly

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    If you are trading forex with the mentality of getting rich fast, then you'll likely have a 1% chance of doing this.
    Most probably you will lose all your money fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In my experience - folks, who state they can become rich with forex very quickly - become poor very quickly with forex)))) Life and money love balance ))
    What my point, which means you can, but you probably wont. I concur it is important to get the balance in your trading egy in order to generate money in the Forex market. A too ambitious egy can make you bad within months, while an extremely pessimistic one will take ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote As a general rule, yes, lots of individuals likely would (and do) lose money. Then again, even when only 'investing', plenty of individuals get rid of money and lots of it (stocks, bonds, property, etc.) There have been lots of threads regarding whether Forex is gambling and the consensus seems to be that if you do not treat it like gambling, then you are not. Then you're if you do. ;--RRB- So, far, I have had 4 decent intervals where I have made a quite large amount of money (in comparison to first stake). This action scales exceedingly well, even to the 10's...
    My point was exactly the exact same but you explained in details

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    In my personal experience - people, who say They Can become Loaded with Foreign Exchange very quickly - become Weak very quickly with Foreign Exchange)))) Life and money Appreciate balance ))

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    YES, you CAN get rich quickly in Forex Trading, margin trading is one of the greatest ways to become rich quickly. But, I can almost assure you that this wont happen if your sole purpose is to become rich quickly. That is because when you go to the market with that mindset, you are most likely going to lose everything. To put it differently, although it is important to set profit goals, risk management is much more important, and this involves alloing your transactions 1%-3% risk exposure. When you do this, it will be a gradual, but more sensible manner of netting profits in Forex Trading.

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    It's better to start with little money and good trade bureau, work harder, you will end up richer.

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    Why do some ppl say that it's far more likely to get bad than becoming rich?
    Aren't the chances 50 percent - 50%? Prices can simply move into 2 directions, among which is a winner

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    Rich in forex trading requires not a procedure. We will need to be patient to find rich in forex because it's rich in forex isn't simple given the risk is very significant. For the wealthy in forex afterward we require a lot of skill and a good trading plogy

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