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Thread: Forex expert vr smart grid lite develop

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    Forex expert vr smart grid lite develop

    Hello everybody, my name is Vladimir and that I exchange and appliion because 2006 I want to provide together to work on a good advisor.
    I have already helped one individual and that I was blocked, I do my own motif and therefore are all good job.
    Okay, let us start code is applied from below.

    Waiting For The hints

    The EA is free and available source Modifiion date 16.04.2018 date 16.04.2018 Modifiion date 16.04.2018 - New algorithm Modifiion date 25.04.2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I believe that the quotes themselves play a significant role. I use data.
    Could you BT again? Start from 01.01.2016. Depo 10k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yep.. .really mega barbarous.... . .please tell us more! Forward test 18-45 using the Sum lotsize actually doing well but well-funded account needed...: image
    appears very good.
    Please tell us more details like, your funding deposit, if any modifiions you made to default parameters, how many times of testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just for Voldemar: You can use your avatar for the .ex4 file: #property icon /Images/.ico file file file image


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Voldemar, This is to show you that add-egy works and you're asked to see LIVE instance in GBPUSD. We can embrace your egy for trade triggering for the sake of convenience here. As forward test, see below two places have been opened. 2018.04.17, 17:13:08 buy 0.01 gbpusd at 1.43226. 2018.04.17, 17:13:08 sell 0.01 gbpusd at 1.43218. Sell order is shut (stoploss) now at 15:38 with a profit 8.88$. Buy order remains available with floating margin -10.10$. (see attached screenshot). My purpose here is, if we employ the principle...
    I don't know, I am sorry, will you paint it all one step at a time ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ... I tried to describe this on alternative buy sell. And close all the orders both BUY SELL based on basket profit at level. Inside this example. AveragePrice(which can be Breakeven) minimalprofit Just if it's coded, we can see it's a feasible idea. Manually we cant check for scenarios.
    Until I do this, maybe you'll check if my (BE)formulation is mathematically accurate.

    If so, you can trade fairly risk-free with good trend egies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi, Do you know any brokers who are supplying zero hedge margin and also no swap? Please share the info. Thanks
    yes. I'm using one but I'm not formally related to them. I will PM you. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote In case your beginning lot 0.01, try utilize 0.16 or 0.32 I did evaluations even with the utmost lot 0.04 - interesting results. This, of course, will help to maneuver the problematic market positions, but the main alternative - would be hedging at some value of a drawdown, however that requires a certain change of algorithm... Now I am experimenting with the EA code.
    Yes, you are right. DD is not as but so are the profits. 20% each year. (900 Euro on 3000 Investment)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    18-46 is essentially MA based entrance. - but iMA - are 13 and 13 with median 1 5. So gap is too little. BB additionally both are alike. 18-47 - monitoring stop. However, Martingale settings aren't inside. IPointStepLoss is not setup. And also there is no entry rule. Just open buy if 0 and open sell if 0 So, it opens the orders randomly. So, both versions, am sure more of reference points for the Code to be incorporated into other variants.
    According to Voldemar227 , there's error on your 18.431 18.441 (he mentioned on page 7).
    According to you, 18.46 18.47 has entrance and martingale problems.

    Previous models dont have Lot Multiplier alternative for martingale trades. So it means there isn't any version released to test cent account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote INitial Martingale remains running and we're continuing to start BUY orders. At what level will we be when we start launching SELL order.
    Alright Look
    0,10 lots Buy orders and 0.15 lots sell orders disaster

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